Download the Latest HTC U11+ Apps (Launcher, Weather Widget, Ringtones etc)

You can now download the latest HTC U11+ apps on any Android device. The HTC U11 plus Swipe Anywhere Launcher is extracted from the HTC U11+ system dump. With this launcher, you can easily swipe your tools anywhere and expand the section of notification.

This is a lightweight and fast launcher and has plenty of features such as; expanding the notification, app drawer swiping, sort of the apps, blink-feed, etc. Now let’s come to the point how to install the HTC U11 apps on other Android devices.

Download HTC U11 Apps APK

There are two apk files you need to download which helps you to make sure everything works fine.

  • Download HTC U11+ Launcher APK from here.
  • Download HTC U11+ Weather Widget APK from this link.

How to install HTC U11+ Launcher

One of the very important features of this launcher is; you don’t need to root your device to work with this. It can easily be installed on any Android phone by following the steps.

  • Download the HTC U11+ Launcher APK file from the link above and move it to the phone internal storage.
  • Make sure ‘Unknown Sources’ is enabled. Go to Settings to check this.
  • Now find the apk file you just downloaded and tap on it to install. The installation process will not launch any app icon on your phone so go to the next step.
  • Go to Settings >> Edge Sense and click on the Edge Launcher. Edge Launcher is not required every time but this is a recommended setting you should go with.
  • This will help you to short squeeze action so that you can edit your phone’s icon from here.
  • That’s all!

HTC U11+ apps for any Android

What are HTC U11+ Apps and what can you do with them?

With the HTC U11+ apps, you can customize the theme of your phone and enhance the personal experience of your Android device. All the latest updates and recommendations you can manage with some of the partner apps of HTC U11+.

You can get all the news and media constantly on your Home screen. Latest updates from your friends and relatives you can find at the same place. You just have to add your all social media links with it. Many of the partner apps like RSS provide you great articles on any of the reasonable and trendy topics you search here.

You can customize your theme with a quick way with the stunning designs available in the HTC U11+ store. Your HTC U11+ maintains a proper sense and always sends you perfect recommendations about the restaurants, hotels, bus stand, and shopping mall nearby you.

You can renovate your Smartphone’s theme using the below steps;

  • Select the photo you want to set as your home screen.
  • Now choose the style you want to set on your Android device, like; icons style, colors, sound, font, etc.

Download HTC U11+ Ringtones and setup it:

After the HTC U11+ Launcher, you can download the HTC U11+ ringtones.

Download them here.

  • Download and extract the zip file.
  • Copy the folder to the phone internal storage and normally the phone will automatically list these ringtones on the list with the others.

Alternatively, download any of the good ringtone maker app from Play Store. Open the app and you will see many audio files. Search for the ringtone you want. Click on the ‘Menu tab’ and choose ‘Make Default Ringtone’

Thanks to the help of the XDA Member frank9184 now you can enjoy the ported apps of HTC U11+ on any Android device.

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