Galaxy S6 Apps Are Ported To Galaxy S4 (Download Link)

Are you excited about Galaxy S6. Would like to have a pice of it on your old Galaxy device. A good news is coming. The featured Galaxy S6 apps are now ported to lucky Galaxy S4 users. They can install it right now on their phone in just a few steps. You may have downloaded official wallpapers and now you want something more from the Galaxy S6 and the featured apps are the best part of it.

Official wallpapers have a few days that are available to download from every Android user, but unfortunately we can’t say the same for Galaxy S6 apps. Only if you own a Galaxy S4 can enjoy those apps. Thanks to a developer at the XDA named as “Albe95” who managed to get the apk files and made them compatible to run on Galaxy S4.

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You might be suspicious how this developer managed to grab the apk files even before the Galaxy S6 was unveiled at the MWC. Only the fact that he has a good reputation for his work make us belive that that apps are real and he might have got them from Galaxy S6. The apps look so similar to the Galaxy S6 and they are made to provide the best experience for the users.

The most important and a little more difficult to install is System UI (Recent Menu Apps & Status Bar). The Recent Menu apps on Galaxy S6 is redesigned and more cleaner. There is not anymore a  button to access quick-setting. You have to swipe down with two fingers to access that menu. This is a good job from Samsung but unfortunately only Galaxy S4 users can enjoy that.

To install right now the Recent Menu Apps and the Status Bar of the Galaxy S6 on your Galaxy S4 follow the easy guide we prepared for you.

Galaxy S6 Status bar & Recent Apps Menu

  • Download Recent Menu Apps and Status Bar from here.
  • Copy the file and move it to system/priv-app/SystemUI.
  • Open SQL Editor and go to Settings Storage.
  • Select System and scroll down to find notification_panel_active_number_of_apps and notification_panel_active_number_of_apps_for_reset.
  • Change the value regarding to the number of your toggles. It is set 10 by default.
  • Save.
  • Reboot and Enjoy!

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The other  featured apps of Galaxy S6 are also ported and can be installed right now on Galaxy S4. These apps include:

  • Gear Fit
  • Gear Manager
  • Smart Switch
  • Optical Reader
  • Smart Remote
  • Geo News
  • Kids Mode

Galaxy S6 kids mode

You can download these apps from the official thread in the XDA forum and install as simple apk. If you can’t install them, make sure to have enabled “Unknown Sources”. To enable it go to Settings > Security > check the tick box and then try to install the files.

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