Download PS4 Remote Play APK For Any Android Device

PS4 Remote Play is a cool feature announced by Sony that allows you to play PS4 games on your smartphone. Sony made this feature available only for Xperia phones but a developer managed to port the app and make it work even in other devices. So no matter if you own a Samsung, HTC or any other Android phone, you will be able to install PS4 Remote Play app on it.

The app you are going to find below is and official port of PS4 Remote Play and it’s only a single apk file you have to install. You don’t need to go through long and hard procedure to install this cool app. You may have seen previously that by flashing a mod you can manipulate the system and install the Remote Play. But today you don’t even have to root your phone.

Let’s leave behind all those tired guide and let’s focus in the apk we have found. The only requirement is that your device should run and Android 4.0+. So let’s go and download PS4 remote Play apk app and enjoy the coolest PS4 games directly on our smartphone.

PS4 remote play



How to install PS4 Remote Play on any Android

  • Download the PS4 Remote Play apk file.
  • If you downloaded to PC plug your phone to computer and move the apk file to the phone.
  • Make sure you have enabled “Unknown Sources” under Settings > Security.
  • Install the apk file as normal.
  • You can either install it using adb command “adb install ” from your PC.
  • That’s all. You are done!

If you get a LTE setup/Error 8801e209 all you have to do is to create a different access point name depending on your carrier. To do that go to Settings > Mobile Networks > Acces Point Names.  Create a new access point with the same information.

To APN Protocol input ipv4 instead of ipv6 and you will be able to remote play over mobile data and WiFi.

Instructions to setup a Dualshock bluetooth

  • Download Sixaxis Controller app from Play Store.
  • Follow the instructions for pairing the controller.
  • Ensure that “Enable Gamepad” is checked under Gamepad Settings.
  • Edit mappings in the app so the x = A, Squre = X, Circle = B, Triangle = Y.
  • Load up the remote and enjoy playing.


  1. My Samsung mobile in not downloading PS4 Remote Play from google play store any second option, replay me

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