How To Fix Random Reboots On Nexus 6

Nexus 6 the next beast announced by Google and Motorola seems to experience a big problem. Nexus 6 owners have reported Random Rebots on their device. The phone screen will go black and then the phone will reboot and sometimes it freeze. You have to press and hold the PowerPower button to get the phone reboot and work again.

This problem is reported from Nexus 6 users worldwide, so the problem seem to be international, in all Nexus 6 devices. Google Nexus 6 was the first phone who comes with official Android 5.0 Lollipop. At the first sight the phone runs faster than every other device you can find in market, since it is power by the latest snapdragon proccesor and 3 GB Ram.

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But even though the phone has huge specs, a new system runtime which make the phone runs faster than ever, the problems always exist. Until now there are not reported to much problem with Nexus 6, only few small bugs and the random reboots which seem to annoy a lot Nexus 6 owners.

fix nexus 6 random reboots

Some people have reported that the issue happens after turning off Ambient Display in Settings. Once the Ambient Display is switched the phone end to a random reboot. Sometimes the phone will reboot while you are not using it, or when you have it on your pocket. To fix Nexus 6 Random Reboots, try the solutions below. Numerous people have try that and it result to succeed in fixing the issue.

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How To Fix Nexus 6 Random Reboots

  • If you have purchased an AT&T Nexus 6, then probably is the software bug. Contact AT&T and ask them for a solution.
  • It might be caused by a rouge app. Try holding down the Power button and then tap and hold on Power off when it pops up. Choose OK and the phone will reboot to Safe Mode. If the problem doesn’t exist and it is fixed, you can assume a third-party app as responsibile to the random reboots. Try uninstalling the apps one by one and test the phone until you find the app which is causing the issue.
  • Factory Reset is another solution. Factory Reset will make your phone like new. It will delete all the apps you have installed and data. If you want to make a factory reset go to Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset.

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