Download Latest Starbucks App APK

Download Starbucks app apk and install it on your phone. Have you ever thought to have a coffee while you are working on a computer or watching TV? Starbuck is famous for their coffee not only in America but all around the world.

Starbucks app is fantastic. It helps you get a cup of coffee while you are sitting in your comfortable chair at the office or maybe you’re watching your favourite movie on your warm lovely home.


Starbucks is constantly updating its app with plenty of smart features and its last version has a beautiful and simple user interface.

Starbucks Features

  • Pay quickly with your phone at the company-operated Starbuck stores plus US.
  • You can make leave a tip on a purchase you made through the app at US company-operated Starbucks stores.
  • Check the balance of your Starbucks card, view transaction history, reload the card and transfer balances. between cards.
  • Track Stars and redeem your ‘My Starbucks Rewards’.
  • Find the nearest store and get directions.
  • Look the open-hours and review amenities.

Download Starbucks from Play Store.

Download Starbucks apk.

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