The Smartphone Evolution And The Rapid Growth of Accesories Industry

It is no secret, the writers and editors here at DoryLabs are huge fans of gadgets. From computers to smartphones, we are always on the lookout for the newest and most innovative tools to make our lives a little more easier.

The Smartphone Arms Race

Smartphones are one area that has been steadily progressing over the years. From the original Blackberry and iPhone to the wide variety of tablet-sized mini-computers today, the evolutionary process of this tech has been amazing.

As the latest Samsung Galaxy S8, and likely the iPhone 8 as well show, smartphones now contain computing power so great that just a couple of decades ago it would take a super computer the size of a room to match the computing power that people now carry around in their front pockets.

Galaxy S8 apps

Alas though, with super high-resolution screens, longer battery life, and wireless technologies, the smartphone evolutionary space race seems to be slowing down. Instead, what we are now seeing is an ever increasing advancement in accessory tech.

For example, the increasingly dependable nature of Bluetooth is opening all new doors for high-resolution headphones and other digitally connected devices from keyboards and headphones to speakers and even smart home appliances!

Given how much we use our smartphones on a daily basis, the headphone accessory industry is one that is extremely exciting in terms of new tech that is coming out.

New High-Resolution Headphones

We’re not only talking about the existing wide variety of very competent Bluetooth headsets but new wired headphones as well. While Bluetooth technology has come a long way, it’s not quite up to the same quality as digitally connected devices, especially new USB-C and Lightning port connections.

The all digital connections created by USB-C and Lightning ports not only means super fast data transmission rates in the future but also the enjoyment of super high-resolution audio quality as well.


While the bluetooth technology still has a place for those on the go or in the gym perhaps where wires can be cumbersome, for audiophiles and gadget lovers like ourselves, nothing can replace the experience of enjoying super clear highs and teeth rattling lows provided by an all digitally connected pair of headphones.

There are an ever increasingly wide variety of options to choose from, both in terms of USB-C connectivity as well as Lightning cabled options. While we would love for one digital connector type to rule them all, it is only natural Android and Apple markets will remain split, although it does seem that USB-C is indeed gaining in popularity as it is now built into the newest Macbook Pro laptop models.

The Future of Smart Smartphone Accessories

As smartphones themselves see their evolutions decrease in significance as they reach the limits of what is currently possible with engineering we will continue to see more and more “smart” peripheral devices hitting the market.

Super-fast processors, wireless technologies, and high-res cabled connectivity means soon we may have headphones with accelerometers and glasses with heads-up displays, although a lot of design work still needs to happen if Google Glass is any indication of how augmented reality tech can go wrong.


The prospects are still bright though as the insanely powerful computing abilities of current smartphones means we now have the ability to create intelligent connected devices to increase the quality of living, from what we see to the music we listen to.

What the future holds in terms of what smartphones and their connected peripheral devices can do? Your guess is as good as ours!

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