Find Your Lost Phone Using Android Wear Smartwatch

Google’s smartwatch, Android wear is taking an important role on the world of technology. Day by day it’s becoming very useful. Google intends to make the smartwatch very helpful and simple at the some time.

Google decided to brings a new update for Android smartwatch allowing you to find your lost Android device. Have you ever put your phone somewhere and you forget where you let it. Well if you own a smartwatch you can find it very easy.

One of the most useful services that every Android phone offers to the users is Android Device Manager. It allows you to perform such actions like lock or even full wipe your phone if you lost it. It is very useful feature but until now Android Device Manager can be controlled from a PC. Surprisingly Google decided to bring a new update for Android wear to support Android Device Manager feature.

find android phone using android smartwatch

Using Android Device Manager you can perform different actions like making your phone ring if you have lost it on your home, office or in any other place around you. The best part is that you don’t have to search and install a OTA update on your smartwatch.

Google says it will appear automatically on every Android wear smartwatch, but it might take a few weeks to reach each one of Android users around the world. To use this nice feature that Google is rolling out to Android smartwatch simply talk to the watch the following command:

Ok, Google. Start. Find my phone

Or go in the Start menu and look for “Find my phone” option. You phone will start ringing loudly and you can easily find it. Until now there will be no access to advanced location features yet. But who knows maybe there are plans to make it available in the near feature because Google always like to surprise its customers.

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