How To Fix Android.process.acore Has Stopped on Every Android Device

Android.process.acore has stopped is a problem that happens often in many devices. It is an annoying problem. A pop-up window will appear on your screen saying “android.process.score has stopped”. This is the most annoying issue we have seen until now.

Like any problem in Android devices, even “android.process.acore has stopped” can be easily fixed. With a few tricks the pop-up message will disappear. For some devices is easy to get rid of this issue, while for some others it might be a little bit difficult to fix it.

Mostly of Android users have reported that going to Settings > Application Manager > All Apps, find Contacts and Clear Data and Force Stop. Also Clear Data under Contact Storage. Then that annoying pop-up message will disappear.

Note: This will delete your contact list so make sure to do a backup before taking this step. After clearing data and force stop, you can restore your Contacts again.

This might work for many devices, but there are also numerous people reporting that this doesn’t fix the issue. While it seems to be an issue related to contact syncing, removing the Contact app, and installing it again will fix “android.process.score has stopped” issue.

Another potential solution is to remove the Google Account, reboot the phone and then sing in again. In most of the cases this problem is related to Contacts, but this doesn’t mean that always it’s a problem with them. “Android.process.acore has stopped” looks more than an Android failure, so it can happen in different apps.

Another potential solution is to go to Settings > Application Manager > in the bottom menu, in the corner you will see three dots. Tap on them and then select Choose Reset App Preferences > Reset Apps

The last option is to do a full wipe and a factory reset. This will delete everything on your phone so make sure to save somewhere else the files. It is strongly recommend to do a full wipe using the recovery. You have to boot your phone in recovery and then select Wipe Data/Factory Reset. 

Hope these workaround solutions have helped you to solve the “android.process.acoreacore has stopped” issue on your Android device. For me the solution was to Reset Apps. Sometimes any app isn’t working fine and it can cause the problem. Resetting the apps means that all apps issue will be fixed.

This doesn’t mean that this solution will work also for you. Since it’s a problem that can happen in many apps, even the solutions are different. Hope the solutions here have helped you, if not let us know in the comment section below.


  1. I have been having this annoying problem ever since updated Lollipop via OTA. I have done a factory reset….and problem came back when restarted my facebook account and then gmail account….LG says I need to send it back for a re-flash….so scared the phine won’t be the same afterwards.

  2. I too have experienced the same issue with, the error; android.process.acore pop-up message on my Sprint LG G3. It also happened right after the Lollipop upgrade. I’ve performed all of the above options…wipe and reset. Deleting Contact and Calendar cache and data. Several times have done a factory reset as well, still doesn’t fix the problem. As soon as anything goes to access contacts or calendar , error message shows up. Hopefully this will be fixed very soon.

  3. Are you using a stock firmware or a Custom ROM?

  4. Uninstall/reinstall facebook helps

  5. Note – The error Android.process.acore should be resolved with Android version 5.1 and up.

    If you have older version of Android, you are stuck with it and you don’t know – don’t want – to root your device, there is not much you can do and you need to try the options in this article. I have additional suggestion below to ensure thorough testing.

    Rooting may provide help in resolving the issue.

    Another approach altogether would be flashing custom ROM, obviously 5.1 and newer and that should resolve this issue.

    OK, here is another suggestion if you need to stay with Android 5.0x and ealer:

    Try to uninstall besides the steps above.. try to uninstall (at least) all applications that *have* access to contacts storage. Note these apps are not only the ones used to manage data, there are many many more apps that have access to your contacts (use apps such as MyPrivacy Privacy Cleaner, Permission Friendly Apps, Advaced Permissions to find the offending apps). For example, I have 440 apps installed and 200 of them access contacts by default. This is one of the reasons I find Android the mos horribly designed operating system in terms of privacy – there is none. I use Android, iOS and Windows10 tablets on daily basis and I hope Microsoft will increase it’s dominance and take away some market share from Android, so that people get more choice and better protection.

    Once you clean uninstall these apps, restart and see if contacts app working. Good change Android.process.acore will be gone… however, no guarantee it won’t come back.

    Also note – the error Android.process.acore also happens when you click on the GOOGLE USER ACCOUNT in settings. When you do it, it should either give you option to add LOCAL CONTACT PROFILE for your Google user account, or the option to edit it. Because GOOGLE USER account is connected to your LOCAL PROFILE, I suspect that’s the reason why you get the error Android.process.acore all the time every now and then, even though no contact or other application is running at the moment.

  6. can`t working …….i have tried all method but still i m out off luck….

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