What You Need To Know About Android 5.0 Lollipop Security

Security always had been a problem in Android OS. malware can easily compromise Security on Android and get inside the system, so they cause a lot of damage. Hackers also have used this fact to create such malware to steal data from your phone. But in reality things are not so easy, the protection is not bad at all.

Android has a built-in sufficient protection already by scanning apps on Play Store in Real Time. With new releases security is optimized and becoming an even better. The new Android 5.0 Lollipop has an even more advanced security features so your phone will be even more safe from mallards and hackers.

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Android Lollipop comes in a sandbox setup that allow apps access to only necessary data on the device. The real time scanning on Play StoreStore and on-device screening that keeps going on, you phone is really safe and it’s almost impossible to get into the system. When user is using Chrome the System will look out for potentiality harmful sites, and keep them at bay. Android Lollipop also has a new feature called SELinux, it is an under the hood scanning system that make the system even more safe.

Android Lollipop has also the Smart Lock in place and that means you no longer have to worry about leaving the device unlocked, and someone could gain access to your data. It has the same working procedure like the Trusted Bluetooth Motorola Feature. You only need to setup a Bluetooth device such as a smartwatch or the car stereo as trusted. So when you are near these devices, you don’t need to enter any pattern or a PIN. When you are out of range the device automatically locks up.


NFC is another option introduced where you can configure a particular NFC tag to function as the key to your device. This can be a sticker or something like that, you can type it on the back of your phone to bypass the irritating lock screen.

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Smart Lock work also with the Face Unlock facility that has been revamped by Android now. Now it works even faster than before and it’s more reliable. Google says that the Smart Lock will get upgraded through Play Store and will not have for OS upgrades to work.

Device encryption is another feature of Lollipop. It will prompt users to go for encryption at the first power on, so all future data gets automatically encrypted upon usage with the time. This is another best security feature of Lollipop that will make your device safer than ever.

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