How To Fix KingRoot Errors “No Strategy Found” & Not Working

KingRoot is a rooting tool recently announced by a group of developers to make it easier for you to root your phone with a single  click and without using a PC. The KingRoot is a very popular tool due to it functionality. It is very helpful but however sometimes KingRoot doesn’t work. This is a worldwide issue and in this article you are going to learn how to fix KingRoot errors and issues.

If KingRoot is not working than firstly you have to understand why it don’t work and then what to do to make KingRoot work and root your Android device. You may know that all one-click rooting tools using exploits found on Android system. So once a new exploit is found developer create a new application to take advantage from the exploit and let you to root the phone with a single click. You also may know that are plethora of other one-click root tool but that don’t work anymore.

They don’t work anymore because the firmware is updated and the exploit if patched. This is the main reason why mostly of one-click rooting tool don’t work anymore and you have to look for new tools or other ways to root your phone. KingRoot is a relatively a new app and it works fine on mostly of Android devices, but still there are some people who like to mess up with Android that have reported KingRoot not working.

KingRoot not working

The most reported issue with KingRoot is: “No Strategy Found” or the process my stop at 20% or sometimes even at 50% and then the phone reboots. If this happens to you than try to connect your phone to internet and then try it again. Sometimes the app need to connect to internet to properly root your phone but however this is an optional step. The developers have created the app to work without internet connection but the app may need to get the latest update because the developers team behind the KingRoot tool are working hard to update the tool.

If you connected to internet and the KingRoot is not working than probably you have updated your firmware and the new update have patched the exploit. Wait, are you sure that you are using the latest version of KingRoot. Find the latest versions and if KingRoot still don’t work then it’s sure the exploit is patched. In this case to fix Kingroot Errors and make it work on your Android device you should downgrade your firmware to an earlier version. This is the only solution for now.

You also can choose to wait until a new update hits KingRoot but it would be better to find another way to root your device. If you have found anything else that will fix KingRoot not working than please share it with use in the comment section below.


  1. please root my phone samsung g313hu

  2. downgrade my firmware?! its the same as when i bought it. tried the other, I dont speak chinese, do u. ?? real nervous about doing this, out of my hands now. thank you doreena

  3. Plz root my device micromax bolt q324

  4. Please say which root app is best for micromax q335?

  5. My zte zmaxx2 won’t root using kingroot,it says there is no strategy around about 20% how do I root my phone please??

  6. Root error 152

  7. Please tell me what is best for my lenovo tablet 2

  8. If u downgrade to get root will it still be there if you upgrade

  9. mine is p2 android 4.2

  10. My phone Micromax E313 model is not rooting due to strategy not available…. Plz tell who to fix this problem

  11. I’m on software 5.1 on my HTC Desire 626 and it gets to 51% and just stops… Any clue?

  12. Plz help me to root my micromax Yureka plus….I h done everyone but nothing worked

  13. Plz help me root my zte obsidian version 5.1

  14. plz tell my phone lava iris x8 is showing root strategy not available

  15. Please give method for root lenovo a6000 plus.

  16. I recently rooted my LG Leon but my keyboard does not work now I tried unrooting it by uninstalling the king root and the keyboard still not working what can I do to make it work again? Please contact me at 952-484-0903 or e-mail me @

  17. I have tried to root may coolpad note 3 by kingroot app but it doesn’t work on my phone so plzzzz help mee how can i root my phone…

  18. hi.what is the meaning of error 14321 in 70%???

  19. Please help, Kingroot won’t root my galaxy s6 running 5.1 why?

  20. I can’t root my QUBE phone tab it says network error. I used the latest version of kingroot… Pls help me.

  21. My phone Galaxy Grand Prime 4G model is not rooting due to strategy not available. How can I fix plz plz help.

  22. Why kingroot version 4.8.2 failed in 70% in my Torque Droidz Trend version 1.1.1?
    I dont know what would i do to upgrade this my old version phone to latest version.

  23. i can not root my samsung galaxy j2. why and how can i do?

  24. Someone please help!!!
    I accidently deleted pics and files from my internal storage… im so frustrated i have lost 3000 pics,videos and voice recordings ;(
    I was told by some its impossible to restore my pics, while others told me if i root my phone i stand a chance…. plssss someone answer my cry… is it possible to restore my deleted files???

    • There are some paid software that are supposed to do that job but I’m not sure if they really works. I have tried some of free apps but without any success.

      • Hey Dori,
        I cant find any apps to successfully root my phone.. im *#@**!!!
        Oh gosh….. dnt know what to do.

  25. I can’t root my micromax Q324, please help me.

  26. I still can’t get a root to work on you HTC 626. Any advice????

  27. I Have a problem when I open the king root it’s load and then I wait for it and it said network error unable to get root strategy from cloud

    And they have a button in down it said set now and I press it and go to settings and idk what I’m doo plzzz help

    • Denver alfonso
      did you get it fixed if so what fixed it i downloaded kingroot app and it’s doing the same thing.

  28. Kingroot says not enough ppls.
    -HTC DESIRE 626

  29. Plz help…my lenovo k50a40(k3 note) marshmallow android 6.0 Indian version still not root. Iam trying so many method but waste of time. Now using kingroot 4.9.3 whenever I try this it says root strategy unavailable and researching request queue big circle appeared strategy is building please be patient check request queue. Plz give me a solution to root method easily.

  30. Hemkanti Sharma

    Please root my phone. My phone is Samsung Galaxy j7. KingRoot always shows ‘strategy is not found ‘ .

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    Please help

  32. Please,give method for root. Samsung Galaxy to fix Strategy is not found

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  35. Sir. My name is Atul, my mobile is Lemon k50a40. King root shows Research requested is not enough please wait. Please help me.

  36. Xiaomi redmi 3 pro pls

  37. KingRoot is showing wait in a queue but I am waiting for a long time but it does nothing can anyone plz solve this

  38. Mohammed shameem

    Iam trying to root my device for a month always showing root failed at 20&70% plz give me a solution plz plz plz

  39. My phone is smasung galaxy j1 ace h110’kit kat. Whenever i try to root my device with king root it stops at 70% and says’root failed , no stratagy now…..what to do,

  40. Failed to root
    9528 requests received

  41. google protect own system . kitkat lolipop yes with kingroot .. mm .. nougat no . lg g3 d850 ..

  42. My Coolpad y76 is rooted by kingroot after >kingroot download automitically Purify APP . but i didn’t want this install so i unstall Puerify app, and next try kingroot ? here is the pop up screen showing and uparrow Button was starting and start autorestart phone after i press OFF btn. and start boot at this time my phone is freze and auto atart in black screen. how to fix thi?

  43. Zenfone 2 z00ad kingroot still reseashing from last year

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  45. Plz root my device Lenovo note k3.

  46. Please how to root windows mobile

  47. Hello, just a question.
    How many requests are needed to start development on a device?
    According to what I’ve seen.
    My device has at least 20,000 request
    For development that is spread across 5 different versions of kingroot. thank you

  48. plz tell me how to root micromax canvas selfie4 Q349

  49. My kingroot stop at 50 % say no sttagey available i am using latest virson and my mobile is gioneep5l so what to do.

  50. Not support kingroot in micromax q4001 please help

  51. My phone is Panasonic P88 and it’s always says when I try to root 18 requested found.. what the hell is this. .

  52. My sansui s72 is not rooting please help me

  53. I have the galaxy on5 and no strategy found

  54. Been trying to root Verizon note 3 sm-n900v kingroot Wont work pls help

  55. Plz.. help me to root my phone: Huawei LUA U-22. Android:5.1

  56. Well that was a waste still cant root my phone ty for trying king root. anyone know how to unlock bootloader on Verizon Samsung galaxy note 3 sm-n900v

  57. I already know but that ty but won’t work phone must b rooted and u can’t root my phone

  58. khan bandewwan

    How to root my Samsung j2 prime please help I have tried all versions of kingroot but it did not work.

  59. How to root my Sansui s72 please help I have tried all versions of kingroot but it did not work.

  60. I’m using samsung galaxy j500f kingroot version Latest but i can’t root it showing request adapting
    Please refer me any best way to root without pc

  61. kingroot sucks and ur just clutching at straws

  62. My lg g6 wont root it will got to 47-60 and than load saying 14 request updating plz help

  63. Kingroot won’t root my tecno spark k9,7.0 nougat
    It get to 30 to 50 den error,
    I’ve tried the latest version of kingroot

  64. My android version is 7.0(Nougat)
    I’m tired to try KINGROOT . But never successful.

    Please help me . Xiaomi Mi Max(32gb) Hydrogen 😓😔 please help me

  65. Hi please help me…. I can’t root my Infinix Hot5

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