How To Change FingerPrint Scanner Theme (Look) On Galaxy S5

Have you ever thought that you can change fingerprint scanner theme on Samsung Galaxy S5?

This is an advantage of being an Android user.You can customize and edit almost everything on your device without any special permission. If you have the right knowledge you can modify pretty easily your phone. If not, with a single search you can find plenty of tutorials online that will walk you through a step by step guide to do the task.

This post is one of the thousands of posts available online that helps you to learn and do modify your device. So in this piece of content, we will share with you a cool tip so you can make your device look a bit different. I’m talking about the fingerprint scanner. By default, it has a weird theme which looks very normal.

If you’re are like most of Android users who like to customize their phones you are in the right place.

Why not making the phone looks even better…or even weird?

All the latest smartphones come with a built-in fingerprint scanner. It’s just an extra security feature but it can be handy sometimes.samsung_galaxy_s5_fingerprint_scanner

Why swiping through those dots or trying to remember a pin when you can easily put your finger on the sensor and voila… your phone is unlocked.

As you may have already noticed the fingerprint scanner theme on Galaxy S5 doesn’t look cool.

So why not change its look?

Below you will find a detailed, step by step guide how to change fingerprint scanner theme on Samsung Galaxy S5.

By installing a new theme your phone will look a bit different. You don’t have to look the same “normal” theme every time you put your finger to the sensor. Instead, you can get you favorite theme.

Why using the same theme that everybody does?

You have the chance to customize it. So go ahead and learn how to do it.

How to change Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner theme

All you need to change the fingerprint scanner theme on Galaxy S5 is an apk file. You can search on Google to find any theme and follow the steps below to install it.

But to do this isn’t so easy!

You need root access and also a file explorer with root access such as ES File Explorer. Download it for free on Play Store.

Once you ensure your phone is rooted and you downloaded the file explorer, go and get the apk file.

Take a look here for a collection of nice fingerprint themes for Galaxy S5.

Once you downloaded the apk file, open the file explorer and go to root/system/priv-app. Make a copy of the Keyguard.apk in case you want to get the default theme back.

Get the new Keyguard.apk and paste it to system/priv-app replacing the original file. Change the permissions back to standard (rw–r–r-). If you don’t know how to change permissions check this guide.

Restart the phone and check the fingerprint scanner on your phone.

Note: Always remember to rename the new apk theme file to Keyguard.apk before adding it to the phone.

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