How to Fix Predictive Emoji Keyboard Not Working on iOS (iPhone or iPad)

Very interesting and a fun feature in iPhones is its predictive emoji keyboard. Many people like this advantage about texting with an ability to send different kinds of smiley faces and icons to express your feelings. With the predictive emoji keyboard feature in your iOS 11, you always get a suggestion of emoji related to your text. E.g.; if you type a word ‘Love’ you’ll get different heart shapes and loving smiley faces as suggestions from the emoji prediction iPhone ios 11 keyboard.

Apple iPhone provides built-in predictive emoji feature in your iOS device but many people claim that predictive emoji not working iOS 11.

This is an advice to call-up the mind of an iOS user that, if emoji prediction not working iPhone X then, first of all, you need to consider its activation process because it’s a hidden feature of iOS.

Predictive keyboard Emoji iPhone

How to enable predictive emoji feature in iOS 11?

Emoji keyboard installation:

  • Go to the ‘Setting’ in your iPhone X and select the ‘General’ options.
  • Here you’ll see ‘Keyboard’ option, tap on it.
  • Now tap on ‘Keyboards’.
  • Select ‘Add New Keyboard’ option here.
  • Find ‘Emoji’ option and tap it.

Enable predictive emoji:

  • Go to the ‘Setting’ and then General-> Keyboard
  • Here you’ll get ‘Predictive’ option, make it enabled by toggle ‘On’.
  • Your predictive emoji feature will get enabled.

How to fix predictive emoji keyboard not working?

Obviously, this great feature makes your text more expressive and interesting but there are some instances, emoji prediction not working iPhone X. In this scenario,  you don’t have to worry because here I’m going to explain how to fix predictive emoji keyboard if not working.

Try different Unicode consortium:

The feature of emoji replacement iPhone ios 11 can deal with multi-reflection with words for example if you type a word ’flag’ suggest you multiple flag reflection of the various country as per prediction of iOS11. But sometimes if you don’t get it because of Unicode consortium of iOS 11. For that kind of scenario you just go with following steps;

  • Install any of the applications that don’t provide a feature of emoji suggestion. E.g.; slack, twitterific etc.
  • Open the app and start typing anything.
  • Now call up the emoji keyboard and select multiple emojis. After that, you’ve to delete all the selected emojis.
  • You need to repeat this process thrice. Every time you have to type multiple emojis and delete it after that.
  • After 3 times of circumference, you’ll get your prediction emoji keyboard fixed as you type love and you’ll get multiple emoji suggestions related to this word.

Update your iOS 11:

After doing consortium process if you don’t get the result then you should update your iOS version.  For this,

  • First of all, you should create a backup of your important data just in case you need.
  • Go to the iTunes and search iOS 11 as a new version of iPhone and install it wisely.
  • Reboot your iPhone X and hope your prediction keyboard will start working.

Re-enable the emoji prediction setting:

After updating your iOS if you don’t get the result then you need to delete the emoji keyboard and again enable this feature on your iPhone X. For this you need to consider the following steps;

  • Go to the ‘Setting’ option then select ‘General’
  • Now you have to select ‘Keyboard’ and after that tap on the ‘Keyboards’
  • Here you’ll get ‘Edit’ option select it.
  • With the ‘Emoji’ option you’ll get a red color icon, tap it.
  • Select the ‘Delete’ option and your emoji keyboard will be hidden.
  • Reboot your iPhone and again go to the ‘Setting’ then ‘general’
  • Now ‘Keyboard’ and after that ‘Keyboards’ option, you have to go with.
  • Now select ‘Add New Keyboard’ option and find ‘Emoji’ and tap it to get on.

Hope you’ll get the solution after doing above troubleshoots. But suppose you’ll still facing the same problem regarding emoji prediction iPhone iOS 11 then you must have to go to the service center and diagnose the issues by Apple support agent.

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