How to Record Slow Motion Video On iPhone 8 & iPhone X

Apple iPhones are known to be quite popular and the best in mobile phones due to the kind of flawless interface they provide for their users that is not reflected on any other mobile device. They have been one of the unique devices which are not only for presenting the uniqueness and fast technology but do have the style attached too. They are one of the style statement to be carried and their high-quality functionality makes them incomparable to anyone. Here we will be talking about how to record slow-motion videos on iPhone 8 & iPhone X.

The videos have always been one of the best in giving the users the experience they are seeking for. The slow-motion videos are a lot in trend these days as they are a new invention and the experience is also quite different compared to others. If you are an iPhone user and have the recent models of the same in your domain then be ready to feel the heat of slow-motion videos under your roof today.

Let’s have a quick look at information related to recoding the slow-motion videos for iPhone X and iPhone8:

  1. Once you look for slow motion recording the software from the device do know iPhone 8 or iPhone X have 1080 to 120p format for videos by default.
  2. To make the videos for the configuration 1080/240p the respective slow-motion videos require hardware at the respective high-efficiency video coding (the H.265 codec).
  3. The user can view 1080/240 FPS videos on any device for running the Mac OS or iOS 11

Iphone 8,X slow motion video

Have a look at below steps for making the slow-motion videos through your iPhone X:

Step 1: Open the Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2: Scroll down to find camera and tap on the same.

Step 3: Once you have entered the camera profile then tap on the option named as Record Slo-mo.

Step 4: The next option to be followed up is to click on 1080p HD at the 240FPS.

Step 5: Quit from the setting application and launch camera on your device. Select Slo-Mo now.

Step 6: Hit the red shutter button and start shooting the slow-motion video.

How to watch the 240FPS/1080p as Slow-Motion Video?

The iPhone has been known as for being carrying the display of 60 Hz display and also a high frame rate and for making the video with a high-quality definition. The user loves to play back 720FPS/1080p kind of slow-motion videos on their desktop also results better if you use your PC or Mac for operating the 6th generation Intel Core former or Chip.

The Ipad Pro do offer the great results if you watch 240FPS/1080p. The Apple gadgets are best in watching videos as they have high-definition screen installed and have updated audio systems too.

The iPhone does offer the best quality for the display and to be recorded to give the user the kind of experience they desire from the device. The same can catch the heartfelt moments of children and astonishing moments of your life which you never wanted to be forgotten in their lifetime.

The above steps will help you in capturing the slow-motion videos on your iPhone and we believe that you will love to experience the same as they are one of the unique features offered by the iPhone nowadays. If you also want to record fast pace videos like moving vehicles, Manny Pacquiao and flying birds too. Do apply the steps and start recording the videos as per your own ease today.

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