How To Get Lollipop Easter Egg On Every ROM

Every version of Android has featured a variety of hidden treats and features called as “Easter Eggs”. Android Lollipop seems to have the most ambitious Easter Egg of all. It features a Flappy Bird clone game. In place of the bird is an Android mascot and you have to avoid Lollipop obstacles instead of Mario Bros pipes.

Flappy Bird is a game which has hundred millions of users around the world. It is an addictive game where you have to tap the screen and help the 8-bit bird avoid obstacles. It looks simple but once you play for the first time, you will never stop since it’s so addictive. Lollipop Easter Egg game has the same concept only with a different user interface.

Get Lollipop Easter Egg in every ROM

Thanks to a XDA Senior Member called as “Droidbuster” who managed to create a guide, we can get Lollipop Easter Egg, the Flappy Bird like game on every ROM. So no matter what version of Android has your device, with a few steps you can install right now Lollipop Easter Egg.

You can find all the requrements and the steps to follow in order to get Lollipop Easter Egg in the official thread. Visit here.

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