Download Galaxy S6 Keyboard APK On Any Android Device

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is such a popular device. More and more people are purchasing it but there are also plenty of other people who don’t really like to buy it but instead try its app on other Galaxy devices.

In this post, you will find a link to download Galaxy S6 Keyboard apk and how to install it.

Galaxy S6 is considered a great device, with a plethora of features on both hardware and software. It is the first Galaxy device with a premium body made of glass and aluminum frames. The design is pretty nice, a win for the phone. Besides the body, the  Android TouchWiz version of the Galaxy S6 is also improved over the old versions and its apps bring a lot of new features and run smoother.

If you want to test them go ahead and  Download Galaxy S6 Apps.

In this post you will find only the Galaxy S6 keyboard so if you want to try the other apps you should click on the link above.

If you like the Galaxy S6 and want to make your phone looks like the Galaxy S6 the take a look at our tutorial How To Transform An Android Device Into a Galaxy S6.

Galaxy s6 keyboard


You may not want to install everything that is ported from Galaxy S6 you can install only Galaxy S6 Home Launcher.

Samsung has always given a special importance to the keyboard app and try to improve it on every release of new phones. Every Galaxy keyboard is unique on its own way and offer great performance.

It is optimized to run fast, smooth and without any lag to give you the best typing experience. Also, it has a super friendly user interface that will make your phone look cool.

Do you want to enjoy the Galaxy S6 keyboard on any other device, go ahead and read below.


The Galaxy S6 keyboard apk you’re going to download here will work only on Samsung devices running TouchWiz Android Lollipop 5.0 and higher. You can try to install it on other devices but probably it won’t work because of the TouchWiz architecture. You don’t want to run into troubles.

Download Galaxy S6 Keyboard apk

Install Galaxy S6 Keyboard On Any Android Device

Here is how to install the file just in case you may need some help. If you haven’t installed an APK before you may need to read carefully to put it in the right place. It is not just download, tap and install.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Click on the link above to download the file.
  • You need to extract the file because it’s a zip file.
  • Open the extracted folder and copy the apk file.
  • Put the apk file into system/app/samsungIME.
  • Move the lib folder to /system/lib.
  • Set the right permissions and reboot.

Now you will have the Galaxy S6 keyboard installed on your Samsung device. If you have any concern related to this topic do let us know in the comments section below. We are more than happy to assist you further.


  1. I’ve done exactly as you said in my rooted one m8, but after all, nothing happens..

  2. Go to settings > Language & Input and switch the keyboard.

  3. I am installing this keyboard on my galaxy Grand 2. I have downloaded this apk file but there is no app folder under system as u mentioned above. There is only one folder under system is temp. What should I do?

  4. Default file exploree which comes with TouchWiz launcher

    • Have you rooted your phone because you will need a Root File Manager. Personally I use ES File Explorer, it’s free on Play Store.

  5. I have rooted my Grand 2 but still there is no app folder under system. I tried with both ES File explorer as well as Root Browser but result was same. . what should I do right now?

  6. There is always an app folder where are stored all the apk files of your installed apps.

  7. It doesn’t work for me, too =(
    I did it like you wrote in your description =(

  8. it’s dose not work for me also. I’m using grand 2 which is rooted phone and running on official KitKat 4.4.2. Please help me.

  9. Tried doing it on rooted nexus 6 running stock android 5.1

  10. Not working on my rooted Note 4, followed instructions to the letter, and now my original keyboard doesnt work.

  11. People, This apk ONLY! works on Lollipop Touchwiz Roms!
    So pretty much only S4, S5, Note 3, Note 4.

  12. If this doesn’t work on Samsung Galaxy S4 CM12.1 (LOLLIPOP) ??

  13. i am using a xiaomi device with ressurection remix rom based on lollipop 5.1.1. and yes ,there is system/app folder. will this keyboard work or not?

  14. There is no SamsungIME Folder

  15. What permissions I have to give same ..

    • Permission is RW R R. This is called permission. U can use Root Explorer or ES file explorer. Personally i use Root Explorer

  16. this is work on 4.4.4 stock rom?

  17. Can i download this on kitkat ?

  18. I missed the part where it’s mentioned that only Lollipop roms support this keyboard.
    Flashed it on my i9082 with 4.2.2 stock rom.
    Is there any way I can retrieve my stock keyboard?
    Looked up on xda and found the SamsungIME.apk as well as a .odex
    I’m wondering if it’s the lib that got replaced that’s not making the new stock keyboard work.

  19. Hi, will this work on the samsung galaxy A5 ? – Thanks.

  20. I would like to know whether this APK can install other brand of android phone, for example ZTE, Sony and etc?

    I plan to install to my ZTE, and it is an android 5.0 version of phone. How to do, is that i must going to root my phone 1st?

    Do you mind to guide me how to root a phone in easily way?

  21. is there a way to make emotion icon larger ?
    it’s very small on s4.

  22. for rooted phones only ?

  23. So can u pls change the title to Only Samsung devices? Ur title misleads peoples here.. If its only for Samsung devices then u should change ur title my friend.. I have tried it in my Xperia Z2 LP 5.1.1 rooted ( my own custom rom) and not working.. My name is Rajeev and i am from XDA Developers

    • Thank you for letting me know that this doesn’t work on other devices. Since I use a Samsung device by myself I haven’t tried it on other phones. I can’t change the title because it’s indexed by Google but I put a note on the article so people will see that this will work only on Samsung devices.

      • Thanks for ur prompt reply my friend.. I really like the S6 keyboard. U have done a great job.. Thanks again..

  24. I think, your post titile should be rewritten. It is not for any Android phone. It is for (1) Touch wizard = Samsung phones only (2) Lollipop only.

  25. this won’t copy to my samsungime folder on my note 4 running rooted 5.1.1

    • use Root Fx File Explorer with Root enable Read write.. then copy but rename the old file or u will lose your old keyboard ok

  26. Hi there, I followed the instructions.. Copied the downloaded files to it’s respective folders. Checked the permissions, rw-r-r. Rebooted and select Samsung Keyboard and an error popped up, ‘Unfortunately, Samsung keyboard has stopped.’

    My device is Note 3 SM-N9005 running Lollipop (BOK1), rooted, used ES File Explorer file manager but still failed to run.

    Are there any other steps I missed?


  27. I try this keyboard on android 4.4.2 s4 gt-i9500 it not working at all after i upgrade android to lolipop 5.0.1 i do same thing change keyboard apk n change also.So Now it working perfectly on my phone thanks so much i like it so much such like use keyboard ios ??

  28. How I do this on meizu MX5?

  29. Mark Justine Segovia

    I’m already puttug the apk file on tge system/app/samsungIME.
    But it doesn’t work. Then i go back to the browser and read the warning. It says that in only works on lollipop android phones., but my phone is Kitkat.
    Do you have for kitkat, please do a thing 🙁

  30. Hi Dori. I have installed this on my Galaxy Tab S 8.4 on rooted stock 5.0.2. It has installed successfully, but it gets forced closed (Sorry, Samsung Keyboard has stopped) every time I try to open the keyboard or keyboard settings.
    I’ve installed both files in the correct locations with rw- r– r– permissions.
    Do you know how to fix this?

  31. Warning

    This keyboard will work only in Samsung devices with Touchwiz Lollipop 5.0 +. Do not try it in any other device because it won’t work.###

    So why would someone want to root their samsung phone just to install samsung keyboard?

  32. hassan farooq malik

    hey buddy i am using infinix zero 3 with marshmallow 6.0 android version will you help me in showing settings ? how i can install .

  33. Do I have to root my phone for this to work?

  34. How do you set permissions can someone answer and help me ?

  35. My phone’s version is 4.1.2 and maybe jellybean…
    I think my phone won’t work with that keyboard
    What should I do? I really want it……
    Also, does it support Korean??

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