How To Calibrate Nexus 5 Screen & Improve Colors

Calibrating display of a device means that you can change the intensity of the colors. You can make your phone display to show vivid colours or if you want to display to show the colours as real you can calibrate the screen display and choose the right profile which fits perfect on your choice.

Nexus 5 has a good display, it comes with a 1920 x 1080 pixels true HD IPS+ capacitive touchscreen which is able to show more than 16 million colors. This is one of the few devices with the best screen.

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However even though Nexus 5 has a good screen you can calibrate it and change colors intensity as you wish. The Nexus 5 has a brighter screen with colours that looks more to real. But if you like saturated colors like Amoled screen phone has, you also can make your Nexus 5 device look like that.

Called as “Display Calibration” it is a feature that allows you to change the current profile of the screen and choose between numerous display profiles depending on your choice and how you want your phone to look. The process it’s not hard at all but we have created a step by step guide how to calibrate Nexus 5 screen and improve display colors.

calibrate nexus 5 display


  • A rooted Nexus 5. Check our guide here.
  • A Custom Kernel Installed


  • Nexus 5 Display Control App. Download here.
  • More Nexus 5 display profiles. There are some profiles by default but you can download more here.

How to calibrate Nexus 5 display and improve colors by changing display profile

There are two ways to do that. The first one is to activate pre-installed display profiles. Go to Load Color Profile > Import Preloaded Profiles. Select the profile you want and it will be activated.

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The second method consists in activating downloaded profiles. Download them from the link above and copy them to Nexus_display_control > Color_profiles.

Open the app and then select the profile and apply it. Then reboot your phone and watch the magic happen.

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