How To Fix LG G3 Bluetooth Issues (Don’t Connecting)

Latest reports from LG G3 owners tells about a new issue with Bluetooth. We have seen G3 owners complaining about previous Bluetooth problems but they weren’t important and can be easily fixed. Sometimes they disappeared and never come back.

This time lot of G3 user are suffering from the same issue.  Bluetooth fails to connect and even when it connects you will notice randomly disconnecting and a message will appear “Bluetooth has stopped”. This is one of the biggest problem that G3 users have reported but like all other problems it has its own potential fixes.

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In this article we are going to help you to easily fix Bluetooth issues like don’t connecting, randomly disconnecting and  Bluetooth has stopped on your LG G3. It doesn’t require any special knowledge about Android and its file system. So without further ado let’s jump into the fixes for Bluetooth issues on LG G3.


How To LG G3 Fix Bluetooth Issues ( Won’t Connecting, Bluetooth Has Stopped)

  • Sometimes the low power is causing the issue. Make Sure Battery Saver feature is not turned on. Go to Settings > Battery Saver and you can either choice to turn it of and just uncheck Bluetooth then check if the issues is still happening.
  • Take your LG G3 and go to Settings > Bluetooth and long press on the device name you are experiencing problem. Tap on forget and restart your phone. Then turn it on and try to set the connection from the beginning.
  • Check system instructions and make sure you are following all the steps for a successful pairing. Sometimes you may need to hold down a button or enter pairing mode. So be careful because a little mistake can cause a big problem.
  • Another solution would be to go to Settings > Bluetooth and tap the gear icon next to your device. Then set connection access to automatic. This didn’t seem to be a solution for every device but who knows, you may have one of the lucky devices.

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  • Try deleting old Bluetooth profiles on the accessory or a car system because you may have reached the limit number of connections.
  • If the Bluetooth is refusing to connect automatically you can always try something like this app. It has been very useful in most cases so try it who knows it might help you.
  • If none of the above solutions doesn’t work for you then consider as the best solution a Factory Reset. Sometimes it fix all the problems of your device and make it like new. There are two ways to do a Factory Reset. One way is through Recover and the other is to go on Settings > Backup and Reset > Factory Reset.

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