How To Fix Titanium Backup Error Insufficientt Storage Space

Insufficient storage space is the most annoying problem that can happen on your device. It is related with Titanium backup application and its installation procedure.

The error mostly happens when you had Titanium Backup on the previous version and doing a non-wipe install could stop the process of backup. Sometimes the app will closed and a pop-up notification will appear and saying that Titanium Backup has stopped working.

The first solution you may think is to reinstall the app. In this case uninstalling and installing it again will lead to a “Insufficient storage error” because when the app is modified and uninstalled it leaves a file .odex which causes the error. So the best solution is to find and delete the .odex file.

Insufficent storage space error on titanium backup

Please Note: We are not responsible if your phone get damaged. You have to go through this only by yourself. We only provide the guide but it’s your choice if you want to apply it. So if you want to go ahead do it at your own risk.

How To Fix Titanium Backup Error “Insufficient Storage Space”

  • Using a File Explorer with root access like ES File Explorer or Root Explore go to data/app
  • Find and delete “com.kermidas.TitaniumBackup-1.odex”
  • Install Titanium backup again.

If the above solution doesn’t work or the file does not exist then try the following:

  • In Titanium Backup press menu and then under the general section press preferences.
  • Next in backup protection settings press backup folder location.
  • A new menu will appear, press back to get to a file browser. It should look something like storage/emulated/0 for the path.
  • Press back again and select legacy so the path is now /storage/emulated/legacy.
  • Scroll down to Titanium Backup folder and select it.
  • Next press use the current folder and press yes when pop up appears.

Now try to do the normal backup procedure. It has worked for many users and should work for you also. If you have any question feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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