Echoe S5 ROM Transforms Your Galaxy S4 Into a Galaxy S5

Echoe S5 ROM will transform totally your Galaxy S4. It is based on the Galaxy S5 TouchWiz, which is redesigned and with some extra features and apps that until now have been awesome. But if you are not addicted to featured app and besides that you prefer to have a faster phone without any blotware or pre-installed manufacture app, then the ideal choice is to install a Custom ROM based on stock Android not in TouchWiz, the modified version that all Samsung devices has.

Thanks to developers of the Galaxy S4 community, there are numerous ROMs around you can install on your device. Galaxy S4 is a device that is released about two years ago, so developers have had enough time to work and create good stuff for it We can’t say the same thing for Galaxy S5, because it is launched few times ago and not many Custom ROMs are developed for it. During this time developers have profit from Galaxy S5 to port its featured apps and even the launcher to previous Galaxy devices.

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Since the Galaxy S5 comes redesigned with many features, lot of people want to experience them. The TouchWiz has also been changed. Everything was different, system theme, lock screen, status bar and many others. Even though it is Android 4..4.4 KitKat and the Galaxy S4 also received this update officially by Samsung, the new user interface of Samsung Galaxy S5 was not included. This was a disappointment for users, which also wanted to have at least some of those features that Galaxy S5 brings.

echoe s5 rom will transform galaxy s4 into galaxy s5

But thanks to Custom Support we managed to find a ROM which has all the features of Galaxy S5 included also the apps like Ultra Power Saving Mode. This ROM called Echoe can be installed immediately on your Galaxy. So without taking you so long, go ahead and learn what to do to install Echoe S5 ROM on your Galaxy S4 and transform it into a Galaxy S5.

Note: We don’t take any responsibility if you damage your device. This method involves in flashing things so anything can happen. Do it with your own risk.


  • This ROM is only for Galaxy S4. Don’t flash it in any other phone because you will damage your phone. It will result in bricking it.
  • You have to root the Galaxy S4 and then install a Custom Recovery like TWRP or CWM.
  • Recharge your phone up to 70% so it will not go dead during the flashing process. If it goes dead it will get damaged.
  • Just to be safe do a backup. You can do it using the Recovery or any third-party app. So if anything goes wrong you still can have access to your data.

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How to Install Echoe S5 ROM on Galaxy S4 and transform it into a Galaxy S5

  • Turn off your phone
  • Boot on Recovery
  • Wipe System Data, Cache, Dalvik Cache
  • Install the ROM, download link below
  • Reboot the phone
  • That’s all
  • Enjoy!


  •  Downlod Echoe S5 ROM here

The first boot might take more time than usually. Sit back and relax. Once your phone is turned on it will have all the Galaxy S5 stuff installed  on it.

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