How To Fix md5 Mismatch Error in CWM Recovery While Restoring Backup

Here it comes a simple guide to fix md5 error in CWM recovery while restoring backups. It’s a simple trick which don’t require adb, terminal and such things. This method is so easy and in the end you will be satisfied.

Before startin, don’t delete the backups which show the error in restoring due to md5 mismatch. you can easily fix this and restore your backup without worrying for a error anymore. Just follow the steps below and the error will be fixed easily.

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All you need to fix this problem is a file explorer which has a option to create new file. Root explorer is one of them but you have to buy it. Also remember: Don’t rename any folders in the backup because you will make it useless.


So let’s begin. Open file explore and go to clockworkmod/backup and choose the backup you want to restore folder, then you will see a file named nandroid.md5. It contains all the info about the ROM on which backup was made,

Back up and then delete the nandroid.md5 file and in options create a new file and name it nandroid.md5  exactly as it was.

Boot into CWM recovery and restore the backup which you modified. You will see a succesful restore.

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This method has worked and helped many people but it can happen that it can’t work due to different reasons. If this doesn’t work for you try to search complicated solutions, maybe they work. However in both cases even if it works or not, just let me know in the comment section below.

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