How To Fix Package File Invalid Error On Android Devices

Package file invalid error comes due to Play Store. This errors happens often in different Android devices. If this error has happen to you, then you are in the right place to find solutions for this issue.

The error happens when you try to update the app. Once you want to update any of the installed apps, a message will appear saying “Package File Invalid”. To fix this go to  Settings > Applications > All Apps. Find the app you want to update and clear the cache. Then try to update it again.

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Method 2 

If you want to install any app from Play Store application and you are receiving “Package File Invalid” error, try to find the apk of that  app or install it from Google Play Store official website not from the app installed on your device.

Method 3

Sometimes the problem is caused by the router. So if you are using WiFi, disconnect the phone from WiFi and try to update the app using mobile data, like 3G or 4G.


Method 4

Go to Settings > Applications > All Apps > find Play Store app and clear the cache. Also find and clear the cache of Google Service Framework.

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Method 5

Remove Google account under Settings > Accounts. Once Google account is removed, reboot the phone and then sing in again with your account.

If none of the methods above doesn’t help you, let us know in the comment section below so we can search for any other method if there is any available.

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