How To Install Xperia Z2 Lock Screen To KitKat ROMs

There is a variety of Android devices you can choose from. There are a couple of big brands companies who make use of the Android operating system to power their smartphones. Being an open source system allows these big tech manufacturers to get the source code of Android and modify it to bring their own version.

They integrate their own apps and other features into the system. So if you will compare a Samsung Galaxy device with a Sony Xperia device you will notice a big difference on Android user interface. There will be different in-build apps, ringtones, wallpapers and other options.

There are not two devices with the same version of Android. This means each one of Android smartphone has different features. But what if you have a Samsung device but you like the Xperia weather widget of a Google Nexus lock screen?

Well, another good thing about Android is that developers work hard to port the best app and features of the most popular devices. So this means you can get a Sony app and install it on Samsung device. There are plenty of apps and features from various devices ported to other devices.

In this post, we will share with you something we have found interesting and many people are searching for it. You will learn how to get Sony Xperia Z2 lock screen on Android KitKat 4.x ROMs.

With the release of Xperia Z2, Sony brought also tons of improvement on the software. They added a plethora of new tweaks and features to make their devices look and feel cool. Developers have spotted the best features and have ported them to other Android devices.Xperia Z2 Lock Screen

This post is all about Xperia Z2 lock screen. It’s quite unique. We haven’t seen it on any other device, not even a similar lock screen. What makes the Xperia Z2 unique are the effects it has. When you tap on the screen you will notice some small sparks that will start to shine and the screen will be unlocked.

It looks pretty nice and a lot of people have liked it. If you like it too then you should go ahead and get it. Thanks to a developer named as Vipuldj you can install Xperia Z2 lock screen in any KitKat ROM. Below you are going to learn how to do it. We made sure to create a step by step guide so you won’t have any problem to get Xperia Z2 lock screen on other devices.


  • Apk Tool, Download here
  • Brain
  • Your Framework2.jar. Look here for it on System/Framework
  • Download here
  • Z3 Lock screen for CM11. Download here

The Guide

  1. Download the latest CM11 build for your device or if you already have it, open file
  2. Go to System > Framework
  3. Extract Framework2.jar to Desktop from your CM11 build
  4. Decompile it with Apk Multi Tool or other Apk Tool
  5. Open
  6. Copy all files to your framework2.jar
  7. Compile your framework2.jar
  8. Open Z2 Lock Screen for CM11.
  9. Go to System > Framework.
  10. Drag your Framework2.jar in it.
  11. Close Z2 Lock Screen for CM11.
  12. Finish.

Copy and paste Z2 Lock Screen somewhere on your SD card where you can easily find it and then flash it to your phone.


  • Screen Lock Password will not work, so if you earlier are using a password Screen Lock, you have to change it before installation.
  • Screen Lock Pattern will work only for 3×3 grid pattern, others will not work because Sony doesn’t support them. So change it before installation.

After finishing the guide go to live wallpapers on your device and then select Xperia live wallpapers.


  • Screen Lock Password will not work.
  • Camera Assist will not work on the lock screen.
  • Wallpaper doesn’t work on the lock screen.
  • Patterns are limited only 3×3 is allowed.

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