Improve Screen Colors & Contrast Quality On LG G3

In Android, there is always room for improvement. No matter how good can be a device, you still can tweak it and make somehow better. In our site you are going to find a plethora of tutorials about LG G3 like this one: Improve LG G3 camera quality or another one to boost LG G3 sound. Developers have done a good job creating mods and we have found these mods and shared them with you along with a guide so you can easily learn how to install them.

In these post, we will focus on improving LG G3 screen colors and contrast quality. You may know that LG G3 featured a 1440 x 2560 pixels LCD display. But this doesn’t mean that the screen is perfect and it doesn’t need improvements. If you are an Android freak like me then you should love installing mods and improving your phones. The high pixel density of LG G3 helps it to be somewhat better comparing with most of the other devices that feature a full HD screen. The high pixel density means a super sharp screen.

But pixel density isn’t enough. Even though LG G3 has a quad-HD screen still it’s not considered one of the best. The screen’s not the strongest point of LG G3 so this means it needs a lot of improvement. As I said pixel density it’s not a decisive factor to determine whether a screen is the best or not. There are also several factors that have big effects on screen quality. LG G3 has also very limited viewing angles and colors look like washed out and without life.

But even though the LCD screen of LG G3 isn’t as good as Super AMOLED displays, Galaxy’s screen, there is a way you can improve LG G3 screen colors and contrast and make it somewhat better with vivid colors and increase the viewing angles.

How to improve screen colors and contrast quality on LG G3

So here we go. This is a little trick that will tweak screen colors and contrast.

  • Go to Settings > Accessibility and tap to open it.
  • Look for an option,  Color Adjustment, find and open it.
  • Activate the option and then drag your finger to adjust the Contrast and the Saturation.
  • Drag your finger to the point that you like what you see.
  • Then turn off Color Adjustment.

This is a quick method which helps you to improve the LG G3 screen contrast and colors quality. All those people who tried this method have been satisfied. The screen changes are apparent, colors quality will increase and you will start to like the new LG G3 screen.

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