How To Root Every Huawei Honor Device With One Click Root Tool (No PC)

Have you ever thought to root your phone with only a single click and without needing a PC? You don’t have to run through longer and harder guides to simply gain root access. I have found a tool that will do that for you. All you need to do is to install the tool and follow the instruction and like magic your Huawei Honor device will be rooted.

But why you should root your phone? What are the benefits of root? What are the pros and cons of root? If you don’t have much information about root you should do some searches first then you should come back here to root your Huawei Honor because I’m sure you will like to have a rooted phone. Root will release the full power of you phone. You can install any app and do anything on your phone.

One of the strongest point why I like root is that you can uninstall all the pre-installed apps and because you can install different mods to customize your device for better performance. If you want to go further you can install a Custom ROM and your phone will change completely.

But how you are going to root any Huawei Honor device. What is this tool I am talking about? Its name is KingRoot and its the ideal tool to root your Huawei Honor. It root mostly of KitKat and Jelly Bean devices, but it is not tested an all devices. It might not work on all of them. You may try different tools like FramaRoot and TowelRoot. However even this tools will not work on all devices because the exploits are fixed with the updates. If you want to try to root your Huawei Honor with KingRoot one-click tool follow the steps below:

Root Huawei Honor devices


Rooting your phone will void its warranty. You won’t receive any kind of support or free service. If you don’t know what root is and why you should root your phone you, do some searches first and then come back here.


How To Root Huawei Honor Devices

  • Download and install KingRoot tool.
  • Go to app App Drawer and find KingRoot.
  • Open the app and click on Try Root.
  • Wait for a few times and your phone should be rooted.
  • Restart the phone and enjoy.

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