How To Fix Screen Resolution Problems On Any Device

If you are experiencing screen resolution problems than you are in the right place. Usually people get stuck in such issues after they try to lower the screen resolution to increase gaming performance. The results in gaming performance are amazing and it is worthwhile to lower the screen resolution.

There are several ways you can do that but there is a tool called NOMone from the name of the author who developed it. This app made everything simple and you can lower the screen resolution with a just a click. But even though the app has an option to revert back still you can experience problems.

So in this article we are gonna share with you a guide how you can fix screen resolution issues even after using NOMone. It may happen that the systemUI force close and the phone keeps restarting so you can’t open the tool to revert back. So what can you do? Read below:

Fix Android screen resolution problems

You don’t need to do a factory reset to fix screen resolution issues. There is something you can do and it’s very easy. I guess your device has USB Debugging enabled, prior to make changes to screen resolution. If USB Debugging are not enabled, still there is hope but you need a Custom Recovery. If you don’t have a Custom Recovery than this guide doesn’t work for you.

Make sure you have the latest USB drivers installed on you computer. Also you will need to configure adb and fastboot. So for you that have USB Debugging enabled is more easier. After you have installed successfully USB drivers and ADB, it’s time to go with the procedure.

Connect your phone to PC using a USB cable. Once the computer recognize the phone, open a command prompt and type the following code:

for Android 4.3 and higher:

adb shell wm size reset
adb shell wm density reset

for Android 4.3 and below:

adb shell am display-size reset
adb shell am display-density reset

Things should go back to normal but a reboot might be needed.

In case USB Debugging weren’t enable you can use this way. Download Aroma file manager and put on your SDcard. Then copy build.prop from the /system directory and put it on SDcard.

Remove the SDcard and connect it to computer. Use a file editor and open build.prop. Add the following lines in the end of the file and save it.



Copy and overwrite the existing build.prop with the edited build.prop and reboot your phone. This will enable USB Debugging and you can follow the steps above to fix screen resolution issues on your Android device.

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