How To Root Galaxy Devices Without Tripping KNOX 0X1

Now you can root every Samsung Galaxy Device without triggering KNOX from 0x0 to 0x1. So even if you have rooted your phone, you can unroot it again and your warranty will not be voided. KNOX is  feature that Samsung has included to the newest Galaxy devices. It is nothing more than a spier that shows if you have rooted your phone or not.

The bad thing about KNOX is that it can’t be reset if it has changed the value. By default it is 0x0 and if you root your phone it will change to 0x1 and you can’t do anything to reset it back. The good thing is that you can prevent the KNOX from changing its value. Yeah! Now you can root you phone without triggering KNOX.

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According to Samsung KNOX protects your Android Phone, but for developers and those people who like to mess up with an Android device, KNOX is nothing more than a spier software which shows if you have rooted your phone or not. If the KNOX value has changed your warranty is voided and this is biggest problem about KNOX.

root galaxy devices without tripping knox

According to Samsung KNOX will prevent users from rooting their phones, because since it will void your warranty you may think not to root the phone until the warranty is over. But for developers this didn’t sound as a good thing so they found a way how to root the phone without tripping KNOX. A developer from XDA created a tool which will root your phone without triggering KNOX.

Samsung don’t want to root you devices because if you root your phone you can do many other actions on it like installing a Custom ROM which will remove the current stock firmware installed by the manufacture. Rooting also allows you to remove the pre-installed apps that sometimes can be annoying for the users but for the manufacture they can be profitable.

To root your phone without tripping KNOX is so easy. You only need to install a one-click-root tool and it will do all work. The tool is so easy to use and everyone can root the phone without triggering KNOX. The tool is called Towelroot and it s developed by Geohot and you can download it here.

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Once you downloaded the apk file, install it as normal but before make sure to have enabled “Unknown Sources” under Settings > Security. Once installed the app, find the icon on app drawer and open it. Once the app is open you will see a button which says “Make it rain”. Tap on it and wait for a few seconds. The phone will reboot and it will turn on with root access and with warranty not voided.

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