How To Sim Unlock Any Sprint Samsung Phone (Sprint Samsung Unlocker)

In this article, you will learn how to SIM unlock your Sprint Samsung device and make it work with all carriers. A locked phone is a device that works only with a single SIM card. Usually, the biggest manufacturers such as T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T etc… sell locked smartphones which work only with their SIM cards. These phones are bought under a contract with a monthly plan and sometimes it’s very cheap to get the latest devices on your hands.

One of the most popular carriers is Sprint. It sells thousands of smartphones each year and normally they are locked. So if you own a sprint smartphone and you want to use a different SIM card you will need to unlock your device first. A few years ago in the USA was not allowed to unlock your phone but the law has changed and now you can unlock any phone anytime.

To SIM unlock a smartphone is not a good thing for the companies but a lot of people do it. After the contract is finished why not using another SIM card. So to SIM unlock a Sprint smartphone there are several ways. Most of these methods will cost you money and if you’re not willing to pay a single buck you will need to go through the steps below carefully and unlock any Samsung Sprint device.


How to SIM Unlock Sprint Samsung Smartphones

We must thank the XDA Developer called aalayatim. He had worked hard and managed to create an app which will unlock your Sprint Samsung Device for free. The app is tested and it works fine on almost all Samsung devices.

This will not work for USA Carriers. All 4.4.2 and up modems have a hard lock on those sim cards. So you can unlock only phones older than S5 to work in the USA. To unlock other phones simply downgrade the system.

The program is easy to use, simply install it and click unlock. Go to the official thread to download the app and if it helps you, give a donation to the developer.

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