How To Set Multiple Timers & Stopwatch On Android Devices

In this piece of content, you will learn how to set multiple counts down or stopwatch on Android devices. It might be needed to have more than a single stopwatch or timer at the same time. You may need to use a countdown timer and a count-up timer at the same time but the phone’s default app doesn’t allow that.

There is an app called Time Boos and as the name says, it is a “boos” on setting timers on Android devices. It allows you to set different timers in the same time with a description for each of them. It lets you also to set what happens when the time runs out or the count-up timer reaches a specific limit.

You can even set alarms. Time Boss is a real “boos” and can remind you of everything you do and timers you set. The countdown or count-ups timer can be set separately from each other and it’s a pretty easy thing to do.

Time Boos is free of charge on Play Store. The developer of this cool app has made also a video and you can check it on YouTube.

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