Dowload & Install Galaxy S5 Keyboard App To All Android Devices

Download Samsung Galaxy S5 APK no root on any Android device. The apk file you are going to find in this post is the original S5 keyboard apk ported directly from its system dump and it works on almost all Android devices.

It has tested on all Galaxy devices like Galaxy s3, s4 note 2, note 3. It is also tested on Nexus devices like Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 and it seems to work without any problem. The devoloper which ported the Galaxy S5 keyboard apk  says that it must work also on many other Android devices. This app is tested with many ROMs and many Android versions and it seem to work fine.

You should have a File Manager such as ES File Explorer or Root Explore. Both are free on Play Store. Once you install any of the file managers go to system/app and check if there is AxT9IME inside the folder. Then download the apk file from this link and put it to system/app. Make sure to add permission to rw-r–r.

If AxT9IME is not inside the system/app, download the zip file from here. Extract it and then put the following files and to system/lib

Move the touchwiz.xml to system/etc and the apk file to system/app and don’t forget to change permissions to rw-r–r.

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