Install Gravity Box Xposed Module On Android Lollipop (Download Link)

Gravity Box has landed on Android Lollipop devices. Now you can install it on your phone and begin customizing your settings. Gravity Box is the most wanted Xposed Module due to the fact it allows you customizing your device deeper than the manufacture want you to do.

First of all we have to thanks rovo89 for its awesome work with Xposed Framework. You can create your own Custom ROM without needing to flash any files. Think of Gravity Box as a pack with tons of customization from the most popular ROMs. Thanks to Xposed you can install all the features of other ROMs on your device.

We have seen Xposed and its modules being available for Jelly Bean and KitKat ROMs for a long time. But when Google announced Android Lollipop which was a new redesigned version of Android, it was a hard time for the developer to make the Xposed compatible with it. Lollipop came with a new architecture so the Framework need to be updated to work on it. For almost a year Xposed was not updated to work on Lollipop. But finally the hard work developer managed to update the Xposed Framework.

After the framework was updated, it was needed to update the modules also. Mostly were updated few tims later after Xposed update. But those modules who are complicated aren’t updated yet. Luckily one of the most popular Xposed Module, Gravity Box is updated and it works on Lollipop. Below you are going to find the download link and the step by step tutorial how to install Gravity Box on Android Lollipop.

Gravity Box Xposed Module available for Lollipop devices


This method involves in tweaking the file system. If you haven’t heard before about Xposed Framework and it’s modules you should do some researches before proceeding further. The Module is tested only on AOSP, Vanilla and close to Vanilla ROM. It might not support other devices because the Gravity Box Module is too complex to support all other ROMs.

Don’t try on other ROMs like Samsung’s TouchWiz, HTC Sense, Xperia, Lenovo, MIUI and more. It will not work also on Custom ROMs like CM, Slim, Omni and many more. Gravity Box is tested only on Nexus 5 and it should work on every Nexus devices running the stock Google Android. It should work also on Motorola devices running the same Google Stock Firmware.


  • To install Gravity Box Xposed Module you will need a device running Android 5.0+ AOSP, Vanilla or close to Vanilla ROM.
  • Your phone must be rooted because Xposed Framework needs root access to be installed.
  • I recommend you install a Custom Recovery and made a backup of your current ROM. You can use third-party apps also to do a backup.



How To Install Gravity Box Xposed Module On Android Lollipop Devices

  • Download Gravity Box apk and rename it to GravityBox.apk
  • Install the apk file.
  • Make sure the Gravity Box is installed on internal memory. If it’s installed on external memory you will need to move it.
  • Open Xposed Framework and go to Modules menu.
  • Active Gravity Box.
  • Reboot.
  • Once the phone is rebooted go to App Drawer and open Gravity Box and configure the options on your needs

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