Install USB Drivers For Android (Nexus, Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Motorola) – Download Link

If you ever thought why you phone just only charged when you connect it to a PC, the answer is that you haven’t installed the proper drivers on you computer. Without the drivers you computer will not recognize the phone and you will not be able to transfer data between them. In this article we have provided list with  the USB drivers for the most popular phones.

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USB drivers for Android devices


 Download and Install Android USB Drivers on PC

  • Google Nexus Drivers

I begin with Nexus drivers because they are the easiest to install. Google always intend to make things easy and safe for its customers. Even this time you don’t have to install specific drivers for different phones. Just install Google USB Drivers and that’s all.

Download Google USB Drivers


  • Samsung USB Drivers

You can choose to install Samsung USB drivers either using Samsung KIES or installing them directly depending on what Samsung phone do you have because some devices requires Samsung KIES and some others not.

Download Samsung KIES



  • LG USB Drivers

There are many ways to install LG USB Drivers on your computer. You can choose to install LG USB Drivers by downloading LG Mobile Tool, FlashTool or by downloading directly the file.exe provided below.

Download LG Mobile Support Tool

Download Flashtool

LG USB Drivers execute file


  • HTC USB Drivers

You can download and install HTC USB drivers by installing the official program of HTC called “HTC Sync Manager”.

Download HTC Sync Manager


  • Sony USB Drivers

Download Sony PC Companion to install Sony USB Drivers on your computer.


  • Motorola USB Drivers

Go to the official Motorola site and Download Motorola USB Drivers

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