How To Install MultiROM On Nexus 6

MultiROM the famous multi boot tool made its way to Nexus 6. If you haven’t known before for MultiROM, here is a short description. It is a multiboot mod and allow you to boot not only Android ROMs but also any other Operating System like Ubuntu Touch once the system is ported to device.

MultiROM has many features, so besides installing a ROM from phone internal memory, it allows you to boot ROMs even from a USB drive attached to the phone though OTG cable. MultiROM’s main part is a boot manager and it loads every time the device starts and let you to choose what ROM to boot.

Note: I shall not held any responsible for any damage of your phone. Remember none of the Android OS are made with the idea to install Multiple ROMs. This is a big hack from the amazing developers, it has worked fine for many devices but this doesn’t mean it will work for you also. So be carefully to follow all the instructions.

Install MultiROM on Nexus 6


  • The MultiROM app you will find here will work only on Nexus 6 devices. Do not try to use it on other phone because it may result in bricking the device.
  • Always make a backup of your files. I recommend doing a Nandroid backup because it will create a full copy of your system.
  • Ensure that your phone is charged up to 50%. So it will not shut down during the process.

How To Install MultiROM On Nexus 6

There are to ways to install MutiROM on Nexus 6. The simplest and easiest way is using MultiROM Manager App.

Install MultiROM on Nexus 6 using MultiROM Manager App

  • Download and install MultiROM Manager from Play Store.
  • Open the app and select MultiROM and Recovery on the Installs/Update card.
  • It may happens to show the following message “Kernel: doesn’t have kexex-hardboot patch! In this case you will need to install a patched kernel.
  • You can select the patched kernel form Install/Update card.
  • Remember that the kernel you are choosing is for your primary ROM, not for the secondary ROM.
  • Chose the kernel according to your primary ROM and click install to begin installation.

Install MultiROM on Nexus 6 manually.

First of all I want to say that are many videos available to show how to manually install MultiROM. If you want to install MultiROM manually on your Nexus 6, you need to know that MultiROM has three parts you need to install.

  1. MultiROM – Download the MultiROM zip file and flash it on Recovery.
  2. Modified Recovery – Download Modified TWRP and flash it using fastboot.
  3. Patched Kernel – Download Patched Kernel and flash it on Recovery.

That’s all you have successfully installed MultiROM on your Nexus 6 device.

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