Is Motiv Ring the Future of Fitness Trackers (+Promo Code Inside)

The motivation Ring is considered as the best fitness tracker among today’s fitness enthusiasts. This tracker can be worn like a ring so that you can be able to track the active minutes per day. This lightweight small device comes with 24×7 heart rate monitor, activity tracking, sleep tracking, waterproof and 3-day battery life. It comes with the elegantly discreet design so that it is extremely comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Design Feature And Size

The Motiv Ring is made up of Titanium which makes it highly durable. It also provides the stylish and sleek finish. This ring is 2.5mm thickness & extremely lightweight. As a result, it is extremely easy to wear when you do fitness exercise. Instead the other fitness tracker such as the ones mentioned here (see more) when it come to design are way to far behind the  Motiv Ring.

It is very comfortable to wear in your hands but the important step is getting the Motiv Ring of the right size. If you are not sure about what size you need then no need to worry. Before you order the Motiv Ring product, they will send you sizing set that has rings of various sizes. By getting this, you can try out the sizing rings to find out which one suits you the best.

High-Quality Material

Unlike other products such as a slimmer belt or slimming toe ring, the customers find it easy to wear Motiv ring all the time. The slimmer belt and slimming toe ring seem to be uncomfortable to wear and it is made up of poor quality material but this does not happen in Motiv ring fitness tracker. The Motiv ring comes with lithium-ion battery and it can be worn during running in the rain, shower, or swimming. It is both sweatproof and waterproof. This product is available in two colours Slate Gray or Rose Gold. Titanium is known to be the harder metal compared to silver or gold but it might sometimes get scratched.

Motive Ring App

The data collected from the Motiv Ring will seamlessly sync to Motiv app so that it will track all kinds of things like active minutes, calories, steps, distance, active, sleep, active heart rate and the list increases. In order to sync the fitness tracker with the app, you need to twist the Motiv ring few times so that purple light will glow indicating that syncing is done.

This application is very simple & easy-to-navigate. It comes with colourful charts so that you can read & understand data easily. At the top of the screen, you will get summary of your total active minutes and details about steps, miles & calories burned. At the bottom of the screen, you can find individual cards for resting heart rate, sleep, and activities. By tapping on every activity card, you can able to view detailed information on every aspect.

In What Way Motiv Ring Is Better?

Fitness Tracking technologies are not at all new to the industry. They are available for many years in the form of bracelets, belts and many others. They are able to track all sorts of health metrics like a number of steps the fitness enthusiasts take & the quality of sleep you get. The fact is that most of the trackers are bulky & not appealing. Almost every fitness tracker motivates to take 10000 steps per day but Motiv focuses on active minutes. Every day your goal on activity is reset compared to the previous day activity.

The optical heart sensor evaluates your resting heart rate so you are able to monitor your fitness level easily. Attaining the daily goals framed by Motiv Ring can assist you to lead healthy and longer life. The Motiv ring fitness tracker seems to be a super fashionable ring which can be worn easily. It is comfortable to wear all over the day. Though you remove other jewellery on the night, Motiv rings stay fixed to your finger.

The micro lithium-ion battery is created to last for three to five days according to your activity. It makes use of magnetic chargers for charging the device less than 2 hours duration. Wearing the ring at the night time will provide a detailed picture of sleep health. Evaluating your sleep habit is considered to be the key indicator of overall health.

In What Way Motiv Ring Is Worse?

The main disadvantage of the Motiv Ring is design as you might get plenty of scratches when you wear continuously. As said above, Motiv Tracker is made using Titanium material so it might create negative effects for the people who are prone to allergies. This fitness tracker is currently available only for the Apple smartphones.

Get Coupon Code to Order Motiv Ring

The cost of small Motiv Ring is $200 which is fairly a huge investment for the fitness tracker. To overcome your problem, you can make use of Motiv Ring Promo Code to avail a discount. You will be getting $20 off each additional Motiv Ring when you order two or more rings online. If the price of Motiv Ring is too high for you then you can see more activity trackers and find the best one suitable for your needs and your budget.

Final Verdict

With its stylish design and small size, Motiv ring seems to be the best fitness tracker for all who looks for the low-key and powerful device. In comparison to Apple watch and Biostrap activity tracker, Motiv is the right device for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. However, you may like an Altimeter watch. If you want to check it out click to see more.

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