Top Best LG G3 Quick Circle Application

In this post, we are going to share a list with the top best LG G3 Quick Circle apps. These kinds of applications are designed to work especially with the quick circle case. It is a cool case and one of my favorite. It has a circle-shaped-cutout where you can install different apps and do various things. Through the circle-shaped-cutout, you can perform many actions such as answer and make phone calls, play music, reply messages, check the time and date depending on the widget and the quick circle clock apps you have installed.

The first concept of this case was created for Samsung Galaxy devices and it was called smart cover. It doesn’t have a circle-cutout but instead, it has a rectangle-cutout. Either LG G3 or Galaxy devices have some built-in apps that can be used in these cases. Besides the default app, there are already installed on the device, you can download and install third-party apps. Usually, other apps have more functions and are more interesting than the stock pre-installed apps.

Third-party apps offer a lot of possibility and lot of fun for your smartphone. Below you will find the best apps to use with the LG G3 quick circle case. The list contains some interesting and useful apps at the same time.

This is a funny and interesting game that can be played every time directly from the circle-cutout. The concept of the game is pretty simple. You have to match three or more blocks of the same color. The more blocks you match the more points you win. If you match five blocks at the same time you win a special item.

Download PuppyPOP here.

  • Urban For Quick Circle

    urban for quick circle

It’s an app designed to change stock clock with 12 cool beach road weather styles, graphics deer, graffiti wall and a carbon droid. To install it you need to have root access, so before installing this app check if your device is rooted. All those clock styles look amazing. Download Urban for quick circle here.

  • QuickCircle Magnifier

    quickcircle magnifier

QuickCircle Magnifier is a simple magnifier supporting the Quick Circle Cover of LG G3. It also can be used without quick circle case. You can magnify objects without opening the cover, and when you open it you can see magnified objects in full screen. Download QuickCircle magnifier here.

How to install Quick Circle App.
1) install this app
2) check in this QuickCircle Magnifier in Settings -> General -> Quick Circle Case -> Application

  • Rolex For Quick Circle

    rolex for quick circle

Rolex for Quick Circle gives a new look to clock skin. It makes the clock to look like a Rolex. It’s interesting and beautiful at the same time. You will have a Rolex clock on your phone. Download Rolex For Quick Circle here.

  • Quick Torch

    quick torch

It’s a simple torch app that can be used with quick circle case. it’s a simply-designed and easy to use Flashlight. It has an elegant and simple interface. With it, you can easily turn on/off the flash on your device. Download Quick Torch here.

  • Quick Circle Apps

It’s a collection of most important apps on your device. With this apps, you can do plenty of things without unlocking your device like control your music or turn on the torch, read quick new and many others. The list below contains all the apps you can open your quick circle case.

  • Quick Music – It’s a music player which let you play or stop any song from quick circle case, without unlocking the phone.
  • Quick Stopwatch – Count time with only one click.
  • Quick Calendar – Show the next events on Quick Circle.
  • Quick Calculator – Calculate simple and faster.
  • Quick Notifications – Mirror notifications so you will see the without unlocking the case.
  • Quick News – Read the latest news.
  • Quick Dialer – Call any number without unlocking.
  • Quick Toggles – control WiFi, Mobile Data and many others without unlocking.
  • Quick Torch – Turn on/off the flashlight.
  • Quick Compass.

quick apps

Download Quick Circle Apps here.

You can choose which module do you want to show from LG settings – Settings >> QuickCircle Case >> Select Apps

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