7 Android Apps You Have Never Thought They Exist

Today we are going to share 7 Android app that you have never though they exist. There is a huge number of applications available on Play Store and some hidden gems that you have never heard of. We have discovered this apps randomly and they are really good and worthly that’s why we decided to make this article to share this handy apps with you.

Smartphones are becoming more and more popular and someday they may supersede the computers. The newest device have good specs and they can run almost every app and can perform any task you may need. In our daily life we face different situations and tasks which can be very difficult sometimes but with a little help we can make them easier.

Your device can be your friend, your assistant and whatever you want it to be. The only thing is that you should find the right apps. Take a look at these 7 app that you probably have never heard of. The can be entertaining and helpful in the same time.

1 – Flush Public Toilet Finder

Let’s admit that each one of us had been in a such situation where it comes and you don’t know what to do. You just start behaving strange and looking for a fast solution. You know that feeling right. When you gotta go, you gotta go. In most of the times it comes when you are far away from your own relaxing chamber port.

Flush Toilet Finder

If you have ever experienced this situation I’m pretty sure it wasn’t something to remember but for sure you don’t it to happen again. So head over to Play Store and download an app. It’s name is Flush and it comes thanks to a developer named Sam Ruston. The whole idea of the application is to help you find the nearest public toilet. It depends on the users to report the public toilet near them so they can be added to the database. It’s a cool idea right, so get it because you never know when you will need it.

Download Flush – Public Toilet Finder

2 – High School simulator

This game gives us flashbacks with its similarities to our high school experience. It’s great app and it worth trying at least once. You will start the school day as all the other students who hurry up to get in class in time. Once you get there you will see all the students groups such as the bullies, the preps, the loners, cat-people etc.

High School Simulator

All the concept of this game is the school routine. So you will need to get ready for school. You will be allowed to choose a weapon at the entrance of the school and then go to your class but hurry up otherwise you will be late. You can explore the campus, join the lessons and so on. The whole idea of this app is to give you the experience of high school so give it a try, it would be fun.

Download High School Simulator

3 – InHandStudio

This is probably the best video editor you can find for your Android. With this app installed on you smartphone you will no longer need a PC to edit your favourite videos. Adobe has released recently a video editor for Android named as Adobe Clip. It has all the features you need from a video editor app expect of the fact that Android video editors rarely feature a timeline of any sort.

InHandStudio is not like all the other video editors. It’s a timeline based editor and allows you to edit any part of the movie you want. If you need effects you can choose between tons of them. For example you can apply the blur effect, edit the amount of blur or change the blur effect between different parts of the video.

InHandStudi Android video editor

This app featured numerous other features you can’t find on other video editors such as non-linear video editor, video morph, chroma key (green screen), multichannel effects and plenty of other handy options. Don’t expect this amazing app should be for free, only the app with simple options is free, you have to pay a few dollars if you wanna get full InHandStudio.

Download InHandStudio

4 – Antutu Officer – Phone Authenticity Verifier

Have you ever been cheated by someone and buying a fake phone instead the original one? In the first sight both phones the original and the fake one look the same. Hardly you can notice any difference between them. The only way to discover if your phone is original or not is to test it but sometimes even the fake devices can have good specs and they will work perfect.

Antutu Officer Phone Authenticity Verifier

Antutu Officer is a cool app that will tell you if your phone is legit or not. Simply install the app follow the on screen notifications and in just a few moments you will learn if your phone is original or not. If you want to be sure about the authenticity of any Android device you should install Antutu Officer.

Download Antutu Officer

5 – Homestyler Interior Design

Have you ever had the task of painting a room, or changing the furniture or something else related with the interior design? Would you like the idea to get a preview of what you are thinking and the to apply the changes? It would be cool if you will get the chance to preview the changes you wanna made to your house, office and so on.

Thanks to a new app that is released recently by Autodesk will make your tasks much more easier and more fun. The application is called Homestyler and it lets you to make a picture of your room and apply different changes like wall colours, change furnitures, lighting and anything else you think. Homestyler Interior Design

Just take a picture of the place you wanna make changes and start creating your own 3D design. You can place real furniture on your project to see how it will look. To get more ideas how to design your place there is a social media like pinterest where you can share your design with others. Even if you don’t plan to make any changes you should try this app just for fun. It’s like a real life game.

Download Homestyler Interior Design

6 – Couple Tracker – Mobile Monitor

This app is designed for couples who don’t trust each others because of various reasons. In this case it would be a great idea to share everything with each other including what you and your partner do in your phones. To give a little help someone created an app called Couple Tracker. The app can be installed on the phone of both partners.

Couple Tracker

Once installed the app will share the call history, messages, locations and activity with the other user. There are so many couples because of the lack of trust live this way. If you are being honest with your partner but you think he/she is cheating at you than you should install this app. It your partner doesn’t accept than probably you should break up 😀

Download Couple Tracker

7 – LTE Discovery

From the name is sound to be a pretty simple app but it’s not like that. It designed for those people who change their devices very often. LTE Discovery shows you exactly what cellular band you are on. So if you want to make a future purchasing this app is very useful. For example you can buy a phone with the bands X or Y if you are always on these two bands. Another feature of this apps which seems to be very funny is that it shows you where is the nearest cell tower.

LTE Discovery

Download LTE Discovery

This was the collection of some app we thought it would be nice and fun to share with our readers. I am pretty sure you have never though that such apps really exists. Since we live in a time where smartphones are having a big impact the developers are making app for every single purpose. I am not sure if it’s a good idea to make things so simple because people will be used to get all the things ready and will be lazy and their imagination won’t be used. I have to admit that it’s fun and it saves a lot of time getting things ready but sometimes we need to think and to do our tasks by our own way.

If you have any suggestion or you have heard about any other app which is kind of funny and strange feel free to share it with us i the comment section below. It would be great learning about apps that we have never heard before and which can be very useful or entertaining.

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