Play A Live Puzzle Game On Your Android Device Using your Camera

The classic sliding puzzle game is still prefered by many people around the world. It is such a nice and simple game which lets you to have fund and exercise a little bit your mind.

Since in its beginning the core mechanic of the game has stayed the same. It resisted for many years, it is dating long time ago in 1880 and during it resisted without any change in the way how the game is played and it works.

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Nowadays you can find different sliding puzzle game with the only change the picture your are going to form and the number of columns and lines. There are many puzzles where you can put the picture but yourself, this is sometimes funny.

Live Puzzle - screenshot

A nice puzzle game that is created recently is a live sliding puzzle game. This sounds pretty cool game. A developer from the XDA created a app called Live Puzzle which use you phone or tablet’s camera to generate a sliding puzzle in which the tiles are made up of block from the live camera image feed.

The main mechanic of the game is the same with all other sliding puzzle games, but in this case you are not going to form a picture or a shape, but what your camera sees. This allows you to change yourself in a sliding puzzle that is constantly moving.

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You can select between five puzzle sizes, ranging from 2×2 to 6×6. This makes the game even more difficult and challenging. It is recommended to play modes depending on the size of your device screen. So if you want to give it a try the game is available on Play Store and you can download it. Download the game from here and share with us the highest score you achieved in the comment section below.

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