How To Fix LG G3 Disapperaring Apps Issue

Numerous LG G3 users are complaining about a strange issue on their phone. Without no reason some of the apps or games strangely disappeared. This is surprising lot of LG G3 users because they found some app disappered in a strange way.

The disappeared apps or games aren’t being used for a while but the users are sure that they haven’t uninstalled them. What would you think if behaviours like this are described as a feature. Yeah, this is a feature of LG G3.

LG G3 is equipped with Smart Cleaning, and this mean that anything that isn’t used for more that a month is liable to be cleaned away. This sound like a strange thing but according to LG it will keep your phone fresh.

GPS showing wrong places on LG G3

This might not be a good thing but it’s true and we can’t do anything to remove this feature. But at least there is something you can do to prevent Smart Cleaning from cleaning your apps or games. You can change the time period for cleaning apps more than a month so we don’t think that you have any app or game that you haven’t used for month but you still want it to be installed.

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Go to Settings > General > Smart Cleaning and you will find Temporary Files, Download Folder and Idle apps categories that it wants to clear. You have to check interval by tapping the Many key in Smart Cleaning to get the Settings and then choose Notification Interval and Idle Time period.

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