How to Predict the Popularity of Instagram and Facebook Posts with Cornea A

Have you tried the Cornea AI to predict the popularity of your Instagram and Facebook posts yet?

If not, think like this? Have you ever come across over-judgemental people giving their judgments on whatever you eat, wear or say? If you can tolerate one or two of them, there’s one app like that in your social media world.

Three of XDA junior members have brought to us an application-Cornea, an AI that can predict and improve the rating and popularity of our Facebook and Instagram posts.

So, what is Cornea AI? What type of AI is Cornea?

The app, Cornea is an Artificial Intelligence that predicts the score of a photo ie. how much people will like it and also recommends hashtags to raise the photo’s popularity. It has also got some well-curated filters to improve the score of your photo before publishing it to the social media.

Where can I get the app, Cornea AI?

Cornea AI is available for both Android and iOS platforms. It is a free app.

Who are the creators of this popularity predicting app?

IIT Kharagpur graduates Angam Parashar and Ankit Narayan Singh along with BITS Pilani graduate Muktabh Mayank Srivastava came up with this idea of Cornea after being active users of Klout, the website that ranks people on a scale of 1 to 100 based on their social media presence.

Cornea AI

Cornea AI was launched in August 2017 and within a month the company stated that their app has more than 10,000 downloads across 138 countries. Cornea AI is the most popular in India, Russia, Turkey, USA, Saudi Arabia, and the Netherlands.

ParallelDots, the parent company behind Cornea AI has their headquarters in Gurgaon.

What was the goal behind the creation of Cornea AI?

The app was started to help people and brands get a better return on investments on the photographs or videos that they shoot and share.

How can you use Cornea AI?

The app Cornea AI is very simple to use. Just click a photo and let the Artificial Intelligence do the rest for you. On a scale of 1 to 100 or ‘Cornea Score’, it will predict how well or influential your photo is and will also provide you with some well-curated filters that will help you increase the scale of popularity.

So, your photo has been given a touch of perfection. Now your beauty has to spread as far as it needs to get known and be popularized. Cornea AI will now provide you with some hashtags so it reaches far and wide. It is like putting the right address on your yet-to-be-delivered masterpiece.

The recommended hashtags are based on the presence of the elements in the photo.

Although Cornea AI claims to offer the “world’s best hashtag recommendation”; sometimes Cornea AI do give irrelevant hashtags and trusting it completely would not be a good move.

Cornea AI will just be providing you with some baseline on the kind of photos you are sharing.

It is almost like people judging you but the question is how much does it matter to you?

Apps like Pixlr, Prisma or even Instagram offers a variety of filters for your photo, the difference in Cornea AI is that one can a photo into a filter.

After taking or selecting a photo one has to manually apply different filters to their photos and wait for a few seconds for the ‘Cornea Score’.

Features like auto-enhance and auto-crop are yet to be added.

What future does Cornea AI see?

Cornea AI, the personalized assistant using AI help users enhance their photo sharing experience over the social media and the company is improving their datasets and algorithms to keep their mark upright in the silicon market.

Why should you use Cornea AI?

Cornea AI is very easy to use and acts as a personal consultant for your photos. Till one of you photo scores a 100, try taking better photos and using better hashtags.

Get popular!

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