How to Dual Boot ROMs on Galaxy Note 8 with DualBootPatcher

If you want to use multiple ROMs on a single Android device than dual boot patcher is a good option for you. As an open source application, it allows you to do so. It works with the existing code so does not need direct support from ROM. You can boot more than two ROMs in a single Android phone. Dual patcher is formed by different companies like T-Mobile N950T, Sprint N950R4, US Cellular, etc.

You can enjoy the patcher consisting of dual boot on your Galaxy Note 8. With this facility, one can run the Android Nougat Stock as well as the Lineage OS 14.1 on single Galaxy note 8. To know more about Dual Boot ROMS on Galaxy Note 8 with DualBootPatcher check out this.

Locations to install ROMs

You can choose any of the below-mentioned locations to install the ROMs on your phone.

  • Primary: 

Primary is used to install into primary ROM. It is very important as it will stop the .zip to affect the others.

  • Dual/Secondary:

It is the most preferred location for installing multiple ROMs. It is the best place for subsidiary ROM.

  • Multi-Slots: 

This is used to install the large or cache partition. Here you will find the 3 multi-slots to install the ROM.

  • Data-Slots:

This is the best location to store secondary ROM. Most of the android users use these data-slots to install the multiple ROMs.

  • EXTSD-Slots: 

They essentially fix ROM to the external SD card. If you do have a good memory SD card then go for it. This is best for the users who have high memory External SD cards.

DualBoot Note 8

Steps to install the dual boot patcher in your Galaxy Note 8

Find the step by step guide to install dual boot patcher on your Galaxy Note 8 and enjoy multiple ROMs.

Step 1: At very first download application of the dual boot patcher on your Galaxy Note 8 online.

Step 2: Then install the application on the smartphone.

Step 3: Now open the dual boot patcher application but make sure that before opening up this application you have to keep stock ROM as primary.

Step 4: In next step confirm your Galaxy Note 8 is rooted.

Step 5: Open the downloaded application on your phone.

Step 6: Open navigation drawer and navigate the ROM. The navigator will ask for setting the kernel and confirm that you will do so.

Step 7: Make sure the phone is rooted if not then the update will fail.

Step 8:  After this go to the navigation drawer and open Patch Zip File. Then click on Plus (+) button on seen on the keypad of your phone.

Step 9: Use ODIN image or Flashable zip file to select the appropriate file for patching. These are the very useful zip files to select the patch file.

Step 10: Now fix the secondary ROM for the patched file on the secondary.

Step 11:  If the zip is patched, you will be able to flash the zip file by applying recovery or use the in-app process for flashing.

How to share data across the ROMs?

You can load the data and apps from dual boot patcher from which is stored in centralized locations. It is found in data or multiboot or app sharing. So the ROM you would like to boot loads the data from the folders. You can get more information on this topic by going through this guide. Follow the below-mentioned steps to operate this feature.

Step 1: Install the applications and data that you would share across the ROM.

Step 2: Then download and install dual boot patcher application. In this app, you will find an app sharing menu.

Step 3: Give permission to each app and data you want to share with other ROMs.

Step 4: Permit the APK file sharing and managed shared application for each of the apps or data.

Step 5: Lastly reboot your phone.

Follow these above-mentioned steps and install Dual Boot ROMS on Galaxy Note 8 with DualBootPatcher.

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