Samsung Electronic Unveiled “Cube” the Modular Air Purifier

On Thursday, Samsung Electronics unveiled its new product, the new air purifier. The new modular air purifier

At a media briefing in Seoul, the Samsung representatives explained to the people that the new modular air purifier, Cube, allows users to separate or combine two devices according to the situation and the needs. It means during the day you can combine two devices in the living room and the can operate at a full capacity. During the night you can separate the devices so each family member can use it separately in their own rooms.

According to a Samsung official representative, users can easily separate and combine the devices without any special tools or knowledge.

The Samsung modular air purifier fits perfectly in any space in your home because of its cube-like design with curved edges and the metallic material body. As a customer, you can purchase additional modules if it’s necessary.

Samsung noted that their latest air purifier is based on the customer’s opinion and it provides them with the best functions. Users have complaint feeling uncomfortable during the cold wind and noise from the precious air purifiers and this especially when they watch TV or sleep.

Samsung's mdodular air purifier

The Samsung official representative said: “We introduced our own windless air cleaning technology, which will help purify the airs indoors quietly.”

The Cube, Samsung’s modular air purifier features internet of things (IoT) communication functions based on WiFi networks. Users can check the air quality of their house and control the device remotely. This product features also plenty of other functions and features such as “filter saver”. This will increase the lifetime of the filters. They said it will double it up.

Yeen Seok-Jin, the vice president of digital appliances business at Samsung Electronics, who was present at the briefing, said innovative functions of the company’s new air purifier have been recognized globally. He says also that it took the top spot at the Global Customer Satisfaction Competency Index for the 12th year. 

“We will continue to improve the degree of consumer satisfaction and brand value through Samsung Cube that adopted the innovative concept,” he said. 

On February 19 will be officially released a total of seven Cube modes with a factory price ranging from 800,000 won ($740) to 2 million won. 

Ahead of the official release, the firm began pre-launch sales, Thursday. 


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