Samsung Introduces “S Dream” Premium Service For Shipping, Installation And After-Sale Service

In the first half of the year, Samsung Electronics will announce a new service that integrates home appliance, distribution and after-sales service. To increase the loyalty of Samsung Electronics brand, the company will offer the best service for each step before and after purchase.

According to the household appliances and distribution industry on March 3, Samsung Electronics will launch “S Dream Service”. It consists of a total solution of home appliance delivery, installation and after-sale service. The service name “S Dream” is already registered in the Korean Property office. This is a dream-like premium service.

Samsung S Dream


S Dream Service includes: home appliance delivery service, same-day delivery service, delivery service business, product pick-up, transportation and after-sale service. The goal is to provide premium service to customers who purchase Samsung Electronics products, from product packing, transportation and installation.

A Senior official in the distribution industry said: Samsung Electronics has completed the trademark registration and making the home appliance delivery and installation service a separate brand. They will open this service in the first half of the year.

One of the best services of “S Dream” is ‘the same day delivery system’. It aims to reduce the time it takes to deliver home appliances from two or three days to one day. They will shorten the delivery time utilizing the logistic bases in many parts of the country and the Samsung Digital Plaza which covers 480 locations nationwide.

When Samsung Electronics first introduced the S Dream, the spread of smart household appliances such as family hubs played a big role. In the home appliance competition that combines IoT  and AI, it is not just a product sales. Optimized installation and after-sale service are very important.

Samsung Electronics is pushing for the expansion of smart home appliances ecosystem by expanding ‘Smart Home Appliances TF’ to a regular organization named ‘Smart Home Appliances & Home IoT Parts’. It is an observation that reflects the willingness to provide the best service for research and development and smart home appliances launch.

Samsung S Dream Support

Samsung Eletronics has its own distribution network and dedicated logistics and distribution organisation. They provide ‘high-quality relocation installation’ services to dispatch Samsung authorized installation experts through Logitech. Samsung Electronics also aims to “lock-in” customers with a total service solution. We expect ‘S Dream’ effects to enhance Samsung brand selection possibility when purchasing new products.

The competitiveness of home appliances has expanded beyond simple product performance to service areas such as installation, shipping and after-sale service. Samsung Electronics aims to strengthen its dominance in the home appliance distribution market with different management services.


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