The Scary Truth In Terms Of Security & Privacy In Our Smartphone! How Safe Are We?

In this article I’m gonna talk about privacy and security in our Android devices and how it can affect our daily life and the future. Firstly let me say that this is not a conspiracy or my opinion but these are true facts and if you do a bit search you can easily find many examples. Probably you have heard before what I’m gonna talk here and still you prefer to use your smartphone without worrying about your privacy and identity theft.

Even though you have heard that someone can track your life still you are willing to use your phone and internet without taking any precautions. Let me also tell you that this article is more informative in terms of the virtual world and the endless opportunities it gives to people like you and me. This is a briefly overview about Android privacy and how safe we are. If you want to know more about this topic simply ask “Dad Google”. It knows more than everyone 🙂

The time has changed! Now we live an era where technology is invading our privacy. We can’t image life without a smartphone or a computer. Let’s admin the fact that it is very helpful in many points and a huge number of people are using it for business, communications and so on.

But have you ever thought what happens when you share pictures on social media, when you use GPS to track your location, when you record your voice and send it to your friend because you are to lazy to write or when you simply when your smartphone have your smartphone in your pocket?

The intention of this article is to inform and sensitize you about the risks of using technology and especially a smartphone since it’s the most used device today. I am not saying you should stop using internet and breaking your phone because I know you won’t do it, but I am saying you should be more careful when you use it, when you share your information, when you put sensitive information such as credit card numbers and so on.

Your phone is watching you

Your identity and mine can be stolen very easily. There are several ways and methods to get your personal information and many others are being developed. The chance to detect them is very difficult. But lets suppose have enough knowledge and you catch someone who has stolen your personal information still you can’t do anything against him/her legally.

In principle it is allowed that someone can steal your personal information and you can’t take any legal action against him/her as long as the information is not used for illegal purposes. But who assures you that your personal information is not shared with someone else and won’t be used in the future.

Do you know who is interested more in stealing your identity? Not a professional hacker, neither an international spying agency. You will never believe who is interested to steal your identity?

Those who are interested more in tracking every moves of you are spying agencies of your own country, terrorist groups, your government and even the big box shops when you walk through every day and influence a lot in your daily life. Now that you know who is stealing your information let me ask you something. Are you safe knowing that someone else know every information about you, what you like, what you and based on them it’s created a persona of you, who you are even though they don’t know you personally.

You might think that using a strong password, fingerprint scanner, face recognition or turning off the camera of your device and using a private internet connection it’s enough to be safe. That time has gone. You are no longer safe if you use a password, pin, fingerprint security and so on. They can help you protect and being safe from people around you but not from the one who use the virtual world for their intentions. No one wanna get your pictures, videos and similar things because you give it by yourself, sharing it on social media, using cloud storage etc.

What they wanna get is sensitive data, your fingerprint, your voice etc, so they can build a complete profile of you.

I am not talking for people around us. They can’t do anything. We should be afraid from what we don’t hear and see! I have asked myself many times, where is saved all the information I put on my profiles on social media. Where is stored all the data such as your location, fingerprints, face pictures, files we save on cloud storage and many more.

Stealing personal information from Android

It’s not about stealing some pictures and videos. It consists on stealing your life, and smartphones are making things easier while it’s on your pocket it tracks everything you do.

Now you know that your life can be easily controlled and they can track every move of you. You can’t stop them from doing so but you can prevent from getting the info they want. The time has come, you should take precautions because it’s too late. Your should play a smart and not hard. Do not give the others the opportunity to learn everything about you. If you are not protected than you know that someone else can track your life, steal your identity and use it in the nearest future against you. It’s time to take precautions because it can be too late and you don’t wanna regret in the future for not preventing them to steal your identity.

Everyone can think “I have nothing to hide, I do a humble normal life. Tracking our lives allow them to catch the “bad boys”. You are right somehow but this is not completely true. Are you sure that the government that is tracking your every single move and has much more information about you that it’s really needed won’t use it for illegal purposes after 20-30 years. Who tells you that your information is not shared with other foreign governmental or terrorist organisations and they can use them for their bad purposes.

Can you imagine what will happen after 20-30 years from now. You have no f…ing idea what is going to happen. You don’t even know what is happening now behind the “closed doors” not after many years. What we know are only what they want us to know. Only some old gross information that are somehow reliable, only superficial. Therefore never think it will be the same after some years because with so much facilities and ways to steal people identities we are not safe. Today you can be a normal person living a simple life but tomorrow when you wake up you can carry a “heavy bag” on you shoulders only because you have been careless and people have stolen your identity.

identity theft


What you and me know is that our phone calls are tapped, messages we send are saved somewhere and the internet history is saved for 5 years. You know that you can be monitored in a real time when you write, read, walk, do shopping, go to school etc. You have definitely heard about the satellites that can read the words from a very long distance and they can take pictures in real time. This are only few things that are happening and unfortunately we don’t care if someone else is recording every single moves of us. We know as well few other shitty things but the most important ones are discussed behind the closed doors and we don’t have any idea what is happening.

Did you ever thought when you go in those big box shops with your phone in your pocket they have the ability to track every single move of you, where you are exactly, where you stop, what you are seeing, what you buy etc. They can even get personal data from your phone and so on. If they are taking information about us, why they need it? Where they save it? Do they share it? If yes, with whom?

The latest smartphones are being more sophisticated. They constantly seek detailed information to increase the safety. But is this true that all the information they require will be used at our best. It’s easier nowadays to find a password or break s security system such as face recognition or fingerprint scanner. We should not be worried about people we see and which can have direct access in our phones. We have to worry about things we don’t see.

For example if you use fingerprint scanner to lock/unlock your phone, the data is saved somewhere. But you have no idea where and who can take this kind of sensitive information. Have you ever imagined that in a nearest future a governmental organisation kill someone and then blames you. They have your fingerprints and all the other information needed to blame you. Easily they can take your voice and create a record where you undertake the crime. All this can be used as evidence and be presented to the justice.


If it could happen what will you do to prove that you are innocent and all this is a well-organised trap. Do you want to go in jail just because you haven’t been carefull with your sensitive information.

What if in the near future your children end up in any criminal situation and someone can have enough proof to blame them and this only because of the fact you have shared some pictures of their personal life. There are plethora of other extreme examples where someone’s information and sensitive data are used in criminal situations.

It’s time to protect yourself and take things more seriously. Start protecting yourself by not allowing the other track your life and get sensitive data about you. It’s a bit difficult to protect yourself nowadays but if you care enough for your safety YOU CAN DO IT. Act now, it’s never too late!

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