Advanced Security Tips For Android To Protect Personal Information & Identity Thieft

We live in an era where everyone is using a smartphone. It will collect any info of yours and for the others might be easy to steal your identity and track any single move of you if you don’t be careful. Even someone who doesn’t know you at all can create a persona of you simply by collecting data and information stored on your device.

In this article, we gonna share some advanced security tips for Android users so they can protect somehow their data and information. We all know that government agencies collect information about us, where we go, what we like and how we do in our daily life. We can’t go and ask them not to do it, the only thing we can do is to prevent them from getting this kind of information from our phone.

Why do you think websites use cookies? Just to track you what websites do you visit when you navigate on the internet and recommend you similar content when you get back next time. The same thing can happen to your personal information. Governmental institution or even hackers can steal your info and use it against you.

Latest Android devices have also a feature allowing you to make payments simply using your phone. It might be safer than using your credit card but you have to put your info on your phone. Mobile payments have their own pros and cons but they can be safe only if your phone is fully protected. To make your phone safer and protect your information and data being accessed by non authorized people read below.

In order to prevent this happen to take a look at our advice below and in the end we would love you to share your opinion. This is a hot topic to discuss and talk about but I have written what I think that are the most important points you should focus to protect your info from being stolen.

First of all you should get root access on your Android device. Root will give you much more freedom what you can do on your smartphone or tablet. It will make things easier even for the other people if they wanna get through your device and steal your information but if you know what to do you can avoid them somehow even though your device might be open to hackers and cyber attacks

The best tool to use for Root access is SuperSU. So if you haven’t rooted your phone yet head over to the root section and find a guide for your device. You will have full control over your Android than without root access.

The second advice we can give you is to lock your apps from waking up and start working every time without your notice. They can perform various actions such as send data somewhere else, take pictures, send messages, make calls and any kind of information. To block those kinds of apps that start working without your notice we recommend you to use Privacy Guard. It’s a very useful app so if you have a lot of third-party apps installed by non-recognized developers better use it.

Another useful thing you can do when you get a new app that you don’t trust so much is to block the unauthorized and unneeded permissions. Personally, I check every permission when I install a new app and if it seems suspicious better not install it at all. If you really need that app then you should block it from using unauthorized permissions and the best app to do this is Xprivacy.


We all navigate on the internet for everything, right! Anyone with the right knowledge can enter the virtual world and if you find the right path you can get any kind of information you are looking for. But when you browse on the internet the others can collect your data as well. Have you ever noticed the adverts that appear on the pages you are browsing? How is it possible that they are stuff that you have searched for recently?

But this is nothing to worry. We all now that everything we do is recorded and collected somewhere else and we can’t do anything to stop it. As long as we gonna use the internet we are open for other to track what we do and how we do. We can’t stop it but at least we can prevent our information being stolen. A great app that can protect you is Orbot. It can anonymize the internet connection and traffic routed through apps of your choice.

In order to do that you will have to sacrifice the speed. Using Orbot the speed will be decreased a bit but for the value, it carries the sacrifice does worth. Another great app you can use with Orbot is Orweb. It lets you browse anonymously with no history, no java, nothing. Well, there is the private browsing mode in the latest browser but it’s not the same. So better take care for yourself if you think your data are so sensitive and if anyone is interested in stealing them.


What I use the most is NordVPN app for Android. It’s a well-known app for VPN and proxy servers that don’t store your info on hard drives. Governmental agencies have been raided them unsuccessfully.

Be careful when you use biometric information. The same info which is meant to protect you can be stolen and in the nearest future can be used against you. Also be careful with the autofill data on your web browsers. It’s recommended to disable them so your computer doesn’t remember your preferences or your info. Remember password feature must be disabled every time and when it’s possible you should disable cookies as well because they are meant to track you.

I am pretty sure you that are reading now are using a cloud storage. It’s a good way to store your files because you can easily access them wherever you are and from any device ,if you have root access so you don’t need a flash drive to carry them on. But have you ever thought where this data and information is stored or who is responsible for them?

Now lets talk about the chat apps we all use such as messenger, whatsapp, viber and so on. Do not send pictures that contain sensitive data. Never send bills or something similar through these apps because your info can be stolen. You may be thinking now who want to steal you information. Maybe there is no one but it might be in the feature so better protect yourself now than regret for not doing it.

If you are using voice recognition or voice text it’s better to disable them and not use anymore because they can often record without your permission. Also if you want to hide your location and what you do than disable location and proximity sensor because they keep your location and what you do most and share online.

security tips

Beware of free wi-fi. It might be free but your info can be easily stolen. If you are using Orbot you will be safe and protected but if not make sure not to put sensitive information such as credit cards. Also, check on the internet for fake accounts in your name. If you find any then email the companies immediately and ask for info, location, identity, ip address and other info.

The last advice is not to sell the old smartphones, give them to kids instead. Even though you can full wipe and factory reset the phone your personal information can be revived by professionals.

If you have any other suggestion how can we protect ourselves and make our Android phone more secure please feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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