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There numerous guides online to help you to track the location of any Android device but all of them requires many preparations. You don’t need to go anymore through difficult guides which need a lot of time to set up. We are presenting a new app which is very useful when it comes to track locations of any Android device and it’s very simple to set up and use.

WhereRYou is a cool mobile app which help you to know where a device is located. With this app you can easily find the location of your friends, family members, or workers. WhereRYou can be very useful to companies who need to track and find the exact coordinates of their employers. It can be used also by parents to find where the children are. This app will determine the exact locations of any device you have decided to track.

This might be a very good and useful app but it has its negative things also. It requires user permission to work and send the coordinates to the other device. It is a good idea to set up this app on your phone so if it’s stolen you can easily find it. Of course if the thief knows how to mess up with the device, the WhereRYou app can be disabled in settings.

find Android location with WhereRYou

This app will detect the location using GPS and send the coordinates to the server. It will work every time the device has access to network. Even if the app it’s closed it still will send the cordinatescordinates to the server. So the device simply need to have internet connection not matter if it’s using data or WiFi.

The app is in the early stage. Only the first version is released and it might contain bugs. Until now no issues are reported but of you find any any you are pleased to report it so you will make a contribution to the app developing. If you want to try this app, download it from Play Store and install. The app has a simple user interface and you can set it up very easily.

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