How To Fix Droid Turbo Display Problems During Calls

A Few Droid Turbo users are complaining about some display issues. The phone screen will not turn off or on regularly during phone calls. This phone is designed that the display will automatically turn off when the phone is being used to make a call and it is up by the ear. When you move it away from the ear the display must turn on.

Now begins the problem. Since the phone display is supposed to turn on after you move away from the ear, in Droid Turbo the display still turns of even when you put it away from the ear or the call is ended. The Droid Turbo users are very irritated by this issue since sometime the phone needs a few seconds to turn on again.

This happens most of the time. Droid Turbo users are reporting than almost every time they make or receive a call the issue is there. Sometimes when you make a call you have to wait for some time until the display turns on so you have to end the call or made any further action. The good news is that all the problems have the solutions. So even in this case we have found few workaround solutions to help you to fix display won’t turn on during calls on Droid Turbo.

droid turbo call display problems

How To Solve Droid Turbo Screen Won’t Turn On During Calls

  • First of all make sure that all the sensors are working fine. Find any app online which can check all the available sensors on your phone and if they working fine. There are numerous apps on Play Store like Sensor Box which will check all the sensors and give you information about them. what they do and how they work.
  • If you found any problems with the sensors make sure t0 clean your phone. Polish it carefully because it might contain dust and things like that so the sensor may not work properly. After cleaning the phone check it again.
  • It can happens also that one the installed apps crashes and can cause sensor problem. Check your latest installed apps and try to uninstall them.
  • If the problem still isn’t solved than you need to do a Factory Reset. In most of cases a factory reset will clean everything on your phone and make it like new. The phone will be reset to default settings. You can do it using recovery or by going to settings.
  • If the factory reset doesn’t solve the problem it might be a bug on the software so it will be fixed on the next update. Go to Settings > About Phone > System Update and check for updates.

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