Turn On Torch Flashlight On Your Android From Power Button Without Unlocking The Phone

Clicklight is an awesome app which allow you to turn on torch flashlight on your android device directly from Power Button. You don’t need to unlock the phone anymore if you want to turn on flash light.

Clicklight is the fastest way to turn on torch. There are to many app that will turn on flash on your device but no one will do the job as fast as Clicklight. While other apps need to unlock the phone, go to app drawer and then find the app which will turn on the flash, Clicklight will do it pressing only one button.

clicklight turn on torch from power button

There is no need to use those apps and widgets that will turn on the torch-light. With Clicklight you can do it easily. Simply double tap the Power Button at any time and the light will be turned on or off. The beauty of Clicklight is that it can do its job even without unlocking the phone.

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The app is in the early steps of developmets, but it is tested and has result to work perfectly in many devices. This is a cool and efficient app that can be installed in every version of Android. Whatever device you have, Clicklight is waiting for you. If you want to give it a try you can download it from Play Store

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