Tips to Clear Up Your Phone Internal Storage

Your phone storage bugging you out again? We all need a little more storage from time to time, and unless we invest in external storage, it doesn’t seem like we’re going to get it! However, if you know some tricks that work across multiple models, you’ve got this in the bag. Here are some of your working storage needs.

For More App Space

Apps come in both big and small packages, and some are far larger than you might think. For example, let’s say you want to play Final Fantasy 15, but there’s no room left for downloading apps and the ones you have already make the entire model run like a dinosaur. We can often hold onto apps we don’t need because we either forget them or believe we need them at a later date; don’t fall into this trap. So first of all, a general rule is to delete any apps you don’t use often or don’t use at all anymore.

The storage that’s used up maintaining these apps is considerable, and your phone can always download those apps again seeing as a purchase is stored in both Google Play and the App store. Yet, if you don’t think throwing some of your favorite apps on the chopping block isn’t the solution for you, there are some other things you can do.

It differs between Android and iOS, with apple models not enforcing any limit on the number of apps you can download to the same phone. However, android likes to make sure you don’t have too many at once. For Android phones, pop an SD card in and then move the biggest apps you have onto there; the more space they use, and the less essential they are to the phone, make sure they’re moved off of the mainframe.

Clear apps cache Android

Make Sure You Clear the Cache

Cached files are a bit of a secret enemy, and you often don’t see them when they’re stored by the apps you use. They’re mainly temporary files, and that means they won’t matter much to your phone or your life. You can usually find the option to delete these cached files in the storage section of your settings app, and that means it’s incredibly easy to do. Make sure you check out the internet browser on your phone as well, and wipe the history accompanying it, as just keeping all your search history can seriously corrupt the rest of your memory.

On iPhone however, things are a little more complicated. Clicking ‘manage storage’ won’t take you to the cached data, and instead, they show you what apps are using the most data on your system. Delete the ones that are space hogging, or rearrange some data to be stored on the iCloud instead.

Other Areas to Try

There’s plenty of places to free up space on your phone, as there are so many facets to work with on any cell phone you can pick up. If something exists, it can be cleared away after all! There’s always something left behind after you use an app, and even after deletion one can still have cookies on your system.

Phones automatically keep track of what you send and receive, and both your messages and email folder can be full to bursting with things that aren’t relevant to you anymore. So, you can clear out the messages you don’t want to see, which take up valuable storage space, despite how sentimental they might be! Find the messages section in your settings, then find the history option and clear them out; reset your options to stop your phone from keeping messages forever.

Next, target your photo and songs app, as music and photos are the biggest space hogs on your phone. If you do need them, back them up on your computer, and then clear out all the different albums you may have accidentally created in your accidental shooting or singing moments. Turn a photo stream or sharing off to keep photos from being stored twice, and to also keep any photos you do want to keep private.

Phone storage can be tricky to keep track of, and sometimes when we search our settings there just aren’t any options there to clear it out. However, if you know how to work your phone, you’ve got plenty of opportunities to use your phone to its full capacity and capability. Make it last a little longer by keeping your model regularly maintained, and install as many apps as you want!

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