How To Prevent & Fix Sony Xperia Z4 Overheating Issue

It’s a fact now that Android devices which use a Snapdragon 810 chipset suffer from overheating issue. HTC One M9 users were the first that reported the overheating issue on their phones. After the HTC One M9 many Sony Xperia Z4 users are complaining about the overheating problem on their devices. Sometimes the Xperia Z4 gets hot up to 70°C. So it’s very uncomfortable to use the phone because the high temperature.

Firstly the issue was reported by some Japanese users and later in Netherland were performed some tests on Xperia Z3+ or Z4 which seem to be the same device and they have revealed the exact overheating issue.The phone gets to hot and it’s not only uncomfortable to use the device but also the apps causing the issue are force closed. The phone gets to hot in touch and a warming message will be shown on the screen to notice about the overheating on Xperia Z4 or Z3+.

HTC solved the issue soon with a OTA update rolling out to all devices. After the update no one is complaining about overheating issue. It’s a pity that a device such as HTC One M9 to suffer from a nasty problem. Luckily the problem with the HTC is solved so in this article we will focus on how to fix Xperia Z4 overheating problem. According to Sony a new update will roll out during the summer and it will fix the overheating issue on Xperia Z4.

The update will slow the CPU and GPU clock speeds. It will not allow them to reach high rates very often. For those who are used to use huge apps that need a faster device, the update may decrease the performance. Nothing is sure for the moment so the only thing we can do is to sit down and wait for the update to reach Xperia Z4 devices worldwide.\

Xperia Z4 overheating issue

Until the update come the only thing you can do is to prevent Xperia Z4 overheating. To do that you will have to turn off the phone often during the day and try not to use many apps in the same time. Try to restart your phone many times a day because there are many apps and processes running in background without your notice. Also it’s recommended to shut down the device while charging. This will charge the phone fast and prevent it from overheating.

If you have any other idea how to prevent Xperia Z4 or Z3+ overheating or you have found any workaround solution please feel free to share it with us in the comment section below. It will be very helpful for all Sony Xperia Z4 users suffering from overheating issue.

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