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Why online is not a safe place for your ward to be

The online world has rushed into our lives heartlessly: online games occupy our leisure, Wikipedia-like sources and online courses allow us to study, forums and social chats satisfy our primaeval urge for socialisation.

Information has stopped being and hard thing to find. On the contrary – the internet gives abundant info on any topic, without caring much who or why would be searching for it.

Is that all a good thing…?

Imagine your ward being able to find anything that might cause her interest – should she always be able to access such info?

Or imagine her being easily reached by anyone online – merely by a friend request or a chat button – should she be speaking to anyone who expressed their desire to contact her? How is it different from speaking to a stranger in the street? Well, for one, an online stranger can assume any image he wants – and use to his own benefit.

Phones and tablets have become that window into the online world – with all its possibilities and dangers. Parents, for example, now have little control over their children’s upbringing: it has become nearly impossible to make sure the kid doesn’t speak to someone unwelcome, or access improper information, such as adult content. Or has it?

Tracking Smartphone Activity?

There is a solution for those wishing to see all – particularly online – activities of a cell phone. mSpy is one the services that keeps tabs on nearly any application activity across the target device. It is capable of providing you’re the information you may need to set your mind at peace, or even blocking the activity you don’t want to take place at all.

Here is what you can monitor:

  • Text communication via phone: SMS, MMS, Emails

  • Chat communications, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber etc.

  • GPS Locations and Root History

  • Phone Calls and Contacts List

  • Photos and Videos

To receive access to the monitored content you merely need to login into your dedicated online account. Your online account is available via any browser from any location, so you are not tied to any specific device with no client software installed.

Blocking Undesired Activities

Monitoring isn’t everything – most of the time you are not there to stop something from happening, but you are just a silent post-event observant. Which is why you may need some prevention-oriented features to keep your ward from harm in the first place. In this regard mSpy also offers a solid set of possibilities.

  • Block Calls – don’t allow potentially harmful contacts even call the target device;
  • Block Websites – block access to websites with content you find inappropriate;
  • Block Applications – you may find you child or even employee overindulge in chats, dating apps and games. In such case mSpy allows you to simply prevent those apps from launching.
  • Set Geo Restrictions – you can use a built-in electronic map to mark safe areas and get alerted each time the phone trespasses the limits of those areas.


Anti-Theft Features

mSpy cares not just for the safety of the owner of the device, but for the safety of her confidential information as well. Should the phone get lost or stolen, you can still make sure the data on the phone does not end up in the wrong hands.

First, you will get alerted should anyone try to uninstall the tracking app and leave the phone unprotected. You will also be alerted in case phone’s sim card is replaced.

By Locking the Phone you can restrict any access to the phone’s data.

And, if there is no other choice, you can Wipe the Phone completely – simply by a click of a button within your online account. That would cause a remote factory reset and the phone will be wiped clean.

Installation and Setup

mSpy installed is installed simply by launching an installation file and taping a few “Allow/Yes” messages along the way. However, full functionality may only be enabled by rooting the target device.

iPhone users are granted two options for enabling mSpy – by installing the application itself or by monitoring device via iCloud (no installation required, but tracking options will be limited).

What’s missing?

When it comes to kids, you would probably also like to see how much internet data they use via non-Wi-Fi internet connections and avoid excess charges if they are about to happen. But for now no one offers such functionality, so we yet have this feature to enter the market.

Another useful addition would be daily/monthly summary report, delivered straight to your Email box – so that you wouldn’t have to login and check panel for updates yourselves.

However, the company relies on Automatic Software updates, so the missing features are likely to become available in the upcoming updates.


mSpy phone monitoring software delivers solid tracking and control capabilities for most users. While the number of tracking and controlling features is vast, one would benefit more from automated options, allowing for an “auto-pilot”-like mode. Still, those who appreciate both more-or-less easy setup and deep tuning options will have a positive experience with the service.


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