How To Connect a Wireless Charger To all Android Devices

Not all Android devices have Wireless Charging ability. So here is a simple and helpful guide to show you how to add a Wireless Charger even to those devices which don’t support wireless charging. It doesn’t matter if you have a high end smartphone, it will have Wireless Charging ability.

Only Samsung and LG have a made a few devices with replacement backplaces that can add Wireless Charger. Other Manufactures like Sony or Motorola even Google with it collabarotors for Nexus devices have created high end devices but unfortunately without Wireless Charging ability.

If you own a HTC or Sony device or whatever manufacture, for your bad luck even why they are awesome phone, with good specs and an improved Android version with lot of features, Wireless Charging is missing to them. But here it comes the good news. You can add wireless charging even to those devices which don’t have wireless charging ability.

There is a product called DigiYes microUSB Wireless Charging Receiver module. You can buy it on Amazon for a price under $10. It allows you to add Wireless Charging to any Android smartphone or tablet with a microUSB charging port. This is a useful solution for those who spend a lot time outside and don’t have time to charge the phone.

android wireless charging


  • A DigiYES microUSB Wireless Charging receiver module. Buy one on Amazon or in any local store, but make sure to buy the model that matches the orientation and location of your phone’s microUSB port.
  • An Android device. It is tested with Bluetooth speaker as well.
  • Smartphone or tablet case. Here are some good choices, Speck, Spigen, OtterBox.
  • A compatible Wireless Charger like reboot 360, TYLT, Qi-InfinityQi-Infinity.

How to add Wireless Charging to any Android device

  1. Plug the DigiYes microUSB Wireless Charging receiver module to the microUSB port of your device.
  2. Wrap the receiver module around the back of the device and secure it with an included strip of double-sided tape.
  3. Put the device and the Wireless Charger on your favourite case.
  4. Put the device on a compatible QI Wireless ChargerCharger.
  5. That’s all.

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